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Tag / YA

Ten Books I Plan to Read in 2017

My last post like this was all the way back in 2015, and it’s funny because I still haven’t read most of those books. But this year will be different, I say, for the fourth year in a row. 1) The Winds of Winter, by George R. R. Martin. That’s right, I’m calling it. This […]

More Than I Can Chew: A Look Back

For those who don’t know, two years ago I started writing an interactive blog story about two identical twins, one of whom had made a business out of selling gum to his fellow high school students. When one of his gum-selling employees decides to go rogue, a series of insane, potentially life-ruining events go down. No […]

Writing About Sex Without Actually Writing about Sex

So it’s been a while since I posted (I blame the government), so I decided to return with a topic that will certainly attract viewers: sex! I’ll try to keep this PG, but I think we all know I’m setting myself up to fail. As most writers and regular people know, sexuality and whatnot is […]

The Rainbow Book Tag

So I’ve recently been tagged in Nevillegirl’s post, “The Rainbow Book Tag,” (Hey look, we both used the same title!) and I was very excited to do it. The subject is LGBTQ+ YA books, a topic I’m not too savvy about, but I’m going to write about it anyway because I don’t think I’ve ever […]

More Than I Can Chew: Chapter 10

More Than I Can Chew is an interactive story revolving around two identical twins and the gum-related problems they have to deal with. Except it’s much more interesting than how I just made it sound. Click here for the last nine chapters.  Wyatt Sean and I stopped by Nick’s house at around 1:25. In seventeen minutes, […]

“Pass the Parcel” Blog Tag

I’m joining this Book Blog Party because it looks awesome. And I enjoy talking about book related things. Plus there’s a free giveaway thing which looks pretty fun. Also, you should check out the Notebook Sister’s blog because their blog is cool and cool things are cool. 1. Name your top 5 favourite YA authors! […]