10 Reasons Not to Write a Decent Post Today

1) 24: Live Another Day is on, and there’s no way you’re missing that.
2) You’re too tired to do anything productive.
3) You’ve just discovered a life ruining new app that is so addicting, you can’t think about anything else, even if you tried.
4) You’re trying to read a thousand page epic fantasy novel (A Dance With Dragons, perhaps) as quickly as possible.
5) You have chemistry homework.
6) You have even more chemistry homework.
7) Your last post has been getting a lot of views, and you don’t want to take it out of the spotlight.
8) You’re too busy looking in the mirror and thinking “How come I’m not this beautiful all the time?” No, just me? Moving on…
9) You’re too busy planning a blog party to be scheduled this weekend or the next but can’t think of a theme. (Any ideas?)
10) You’re just that lazy.