Seven Summer Lessons I’ve Learned So Far

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. In my defense, when people told me that the summer before college would be nothing but sex and drugs and rock and roll, I assumed they were exaggerating. (First lesson of summer 2016: don’t assume anything.)

Okay, so maybe I myself was exaggerating a bit there, but I have indeed been busy lately. Once school ended I had to attend a string of graduation parties, ceremonies and what-have-yous. Plus now that I’m eighteen and school’s out I’ve been working very long hours. I also started volunteering at a hospital nearby, so that’s cool.

(Lesson #2: Don’t expect much from volunteering at a hospital, at least if you’re still a high school student. My first day they had me cleaning the railings in the hallway and I was told, “feel free to take as long as you want with this, because we have nothing else for you to do.” I still had six hours left on my shift.)

(That being said, I don’t regret volunteering there. The conversations you can listen in on are a writer’s goldmine.)

I also made the mistake of buying Grand Theft Auto V, which is stealing all my time. I know, I know. I should take responsibility instead blaming my problems on a game, but in my defense that game is like heroin. Offensive, lazily misogynist heroin. 

(I am ashamed.)

Then the other day I went to my college orientation, and I’ve been on edge ever since. Part of me can’t wait to pack my bags and start this new experience, and the other part of me is constantly whispering nerve-wracking thoughts into my brain. “What if you flunk out?” “What if you have no friends and everyone hates you?” “What if your roommate is the next Ted Cruz?”, and my only coping mechanism thus far has been to browse through the millions of advice articles for incoming freshman out there. They all say pretty much the same things. Does that stop me from reading them? Nah.

(Lesson #3: The food in my college is really good. Either that, or they keep the quality up during orientation and let it slide during the actual school-year.)

(Lesson #4: Don’t get the pancakes during breakfast at college, because you will be unable to find butter or syrup and will have to eat it plain. I ate a naked pancake, guys. It was awful.)

How else have I been spending this summer? I watched Finding Dory and binge-watched Orange is the New Black, and currently have zero regrets regarding either decision.

(Lesson #5: Just keep swimming.)

Now, you may be wondering just what it was exactly that snapped me out of my laziness enough for me to write this post. Mainly it was an incident with a customer at my job that pissed me off. I was no longer angry about it by the time I got home, but it made me think about all the other stuff I want to blog about. Like my aunt’s crazy, incoherent rants about Obama, or the fact that it’s no longer considered okay to drink out of a hose. Oh, and Matt Walsh. Fuck that guy.

At the end of this long thought process I realized that I’ve neglected my blog for too long, and made a mental note to jump back into things. Y’know, just after I run over some hookers with a stolen police car on GTA V.

(Lesson #6: there’s nothing like a little righteous anger to get you motivated.)

(Lesson #7: playing Grand Theft Auto turns you into a terrible person.)


10 thoughts on “Seven Summer Lessons I’ve Learned So Far

    1. I would say the same, but it’s been so long since I’ve trash-talked an arch nemesis that I’ve forgotten if that’s appropriate or not.

      So instead I will give you a vague, impersonal nod.

      *nods vaguely and impersonally*

      1. Oh. I see.

        To answer your question, no it is not appropriate at all and you should speak to me as if I ruled the world and you were deeply afraid of offending me, lest I sentence you to death by glitter. *is very certain that is how you talk to an arch nemesis*

        *nods vaguely back*

      2. Well that doesn’t sound right, but I’ll give it a shot:

        Oh, fair Lady Katherine, prithee harmeth not in any way, f’r i am nothing in the presence of thy pow’r.

        (Am I doing this right?)

  1. So glad you are back to blogging 🙂 🙂 I have missed reading posts like this . . . And a naked pancake, really??? As a proud Canadian, maple syrup is my go-to and I can’t fathom eating any breakfast food without it. In the event that your college doesn’t have the good stuff and just tries to pull the Aunt Jemima sham, I shall happily mail you some good ol’ fashioned syrup fresh out of a Canadian tree. Quite literally. My family have maple trees for that. Regarding all the school prep stuff, I have written quite a few posts about that, so feel free to give them a read sometime 🙂 🙂 Looking forward to your future posts 🙂 🙂

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