Weird Things I Do

What a unique person.

I just realized today that there are a couple weirdly specific things that go through my head on a daily basis, and I’ve always just assumed this was just a Matt Quirk.

(Definition of a Matt Quirk: Strange and unusual behavior exhibited by teen bloggers named Matt.) 

But today I heard a classmate mention that whenever she was on a long car ride as a little kid, she’d imagine an imaginary person running alongside the road with her, jumping over anything in the way and never falling behind. This was such a perfect description of what I used to do that it had me wondering: what if I’m not as strange as I thought I was? What if I’m actually normal?

So I decided to tell you some of things I do, just to see if anyone else does the same thing. If not, feel free to judge me as harshly as you want:

I often imagine myself explaining parts of my daily routine to someone my age from the nineteenth or early twentieth century. Like sometimes when I stop to get gas, or use my phone, or watch TV, I think of how I’d explain all this to someone who’d never seen it before. I currently find myself trying to explain the current presidential election to someone from the 1930s, and it is very difficult. 

When I’m bored in math class, I find myself playing this game with my calculator, in which I type the numbers in the rhythm to a song. Then I press the divide button and type the pattern in again without looking, to see if I get the same thing. For example, the recurring verse to Where is My Mind? by the Pixies comes out to the sequence: 757575757474745545 repeated two or three times.

Okay, so this one’s going to be difficult to explain, but I’ll do my best. Have you ever seen floors like this? (the color’s unnecessary)

Now, do you know how to play chess? Because there’s a piece in that game called the knight that could move in any direction as long as it’s in the shape of an L. Two blocks in any direction, one block to a perpendicular side, as shown below.

Well as a kid, and occasionally now when I do walk on such floors, I’d only step in a tile that a knight would be allowed to move to in a game of chess. I’d always be slightly disappointed if the tiles were suddenly cut off, or if a random passerby made me miss a step. Twas a fun game.

I rarely do this anymore though, mostly cause I kept bumping into things. Plus it just looked weird, so . . . *shrugs*

Sometimes I keep the air conditioning on at night when it’s not even hot out, simply because the sound helps me sleep. Sorry about that, Planet Earth.

I’ll occasionally pour water into my water bottle cap and drink from that, instead of the bottle itself. Y’know, just to be fancy.

I quickly swipe at the top of my nose whenever I’m in a stressful position. Especially during class presentations. Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but I’ve been trying very hard not to do this and so far I think I’ve succeeded. Although there’s a chance that I do it now without even thinking, so I should look out for that.

Oh, and I always take the tab thingy off of my cans of soda. Y’know, that thing you pull up to open it? Well, I pull it off completely and put it my pocket, every single time. Partly so I can tell which one is mine if I’m at some sort of social gathering, but mostly because of habit. 

Hmm . . .

That’s all I can think of right now. If you have any weird quirks, feel free to share. (I’ll only judge you if it’s particularly freaky.) And if you are guilty of any of the things I mentioned above, comment below so I know I’m not alone.


11 thoughts on “Weird Things I Do

    1. Your poor clothes! I hear that’s a somewhat common habit, though. People always have to move their fingers for some reason.

      Also, yikes. Is public speaking a mandatory class in college? I understand why it would be, what with it being a pretty important life skill, but I’d so much rather not take that class, if at all possible. (My plan is to never speak in public ever, and I will resort to faking heart attacks as many times necessary just to get out of it.)

      1. Well what I usually do is press the divide button, then enter it again, and if the equation equals to 1, I do a silent fist bump and hope no one notices.

  1. The nose thing will be less of a thing now that you have glasses. It’ll just seem like you’re adjusting them.

    1. That’s a good point. (Another unexpected benefit of glasses! They really are the best.)

      Also, I just nominated you for a blog post! I made a lame joke about not hearing from you in a while, which is slightly hindered a bit by this comment. That being said, good to see you again! Sorry I disappeared for full month without any sort of explanation.

  2. I do the chess-tile game thingy ALL THE TIME, at least I used to. Not quite so much anymore, but I still do it. I think I used to do a sort of variation of the runner-beside-the-car thing when I was like 5 years old.

    Let’s see . . . what else? I push my glasses up my nose all the time when I’m nervous, I push my sleeves up and down, I tap one foot in a circle. I also stand with my hands on my hips a lot, braid the ends of my hair, and stammer during public speaking.

    So you’re not the only one with weird/nervous habits! Gosh. What a lot I just revealed 😛

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