Yes, this is an Award Post. Deal with it.

So, shortly after I complained about not being nominated for any award, Evi at Adventuring Through Pages was kind enough to tag me in her own award post, the “Who Am I?” tag.

Thanks, Evi! I’m so flattered that I might not even kill off your character in that ice cream truck killer story I’m writing. (The plot has thickened to ridiculous lengths, so it’s taking a while.) I think I’ll just maim you a bit.

Anywho, onto the tag, which involves questions that are sorta inspired, but not nearly as inspired as the ones I’m going to be coming up with soon. That’s right guys, I’m making my own blog tag thingy, and it’s gonna catch on like wildfire.

Except hopefully it won’t be quite as deadly. (*fingers crossed*) Moving on:

What is the meaning of your name?

Here’s the definition of the name Matt, according to the top result on Urban Dictionary:

Ancient Greek translation for “eternal sex-god”. It is believed that anyone that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform sexual acts for long periods of time. Men possessing this name are also well endowed.
Girl 1: I wish my boyfriend was a matt.
Girl 2: Oh you poor thing.
Apparently there’s an ancient hebrew meaning as well, but no one really cares about that.

What is your Myers Briggs personality type?

According, I am a mediator, which apparently means that:

INFP personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, INFPs have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the INFP personality type – but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.

That sounds about right. #innerflame

What is your zodiac sign?

Obviously I am a Taurus. This site has been nice enough to list all my strengths and weaknesses:

Strengths: Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable

Weaknesses: Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising

Taurus likes: Gardening, cooking, music, romance, high quality clothes, working with hands

Taurus dislikes: Sudden changes, complications, insecurity of any kind, synthetic fabrics

You know, I can’t help but feel like the majority of this stuff can apply to just about everyone. Most people like to think of themselves as patient and stable and all that jazz. And who doesn’t dislike complications and insecurity?

The synthetic fabrics part was weirdly specific though, I’ll give it that.

What Hogwarts house would you be in?

test here!

I got slytherin, but barely, with the results being:

Slytherin — 12
Hufflepuff — 11
Ravenclaw — 10
Gryffindor — 10

I suppose this makes sense, seeing as I am occasionally brave, occasionally wise, occasionally kind, and I have a tendency to hiss at people I don’t like. I deem this test: Highly Accurate.

What are your learning styles?

test here!

I’m visual, which means with these new glasses I’ve gotten, I should be extra smart!

Are you more of a left-brain or a right brain kind of person?

test here!

According to the test, I am 66% right-brained, and I’m not sure if I should be happy about that or not. This apparently makes me creative and intuitive, but it also means I’m less rational and strategic.

On the bright side, I’m also too cool to follow the rules.

What is your blood type?

Based on my parents, I’m either an A+ or an O, which reminds me of something that’s been bugging me for a long time:

Why the hell don’t doctors write down your blood type from the moment you’re born? This seems like a pretty important bit of information that every individual should know, and yet apparently it’s okay for me to go my whole life so far without finding out?

Excuse me while I angrily howl at the moon.

What career are you meant to be in?

I refuse to let an online test decide this for me. “Begone!” I say to the online test. “You are most likely a sham!”

Which divergent faction do you belong in?

As someone who stopped reading Divergent after the first few chapters, I also refuse to take the test for this question. I know, I know, I’m such a wet blanket. Was there a Wet Blanket faction in those books? Because I suppose I’d belong to that one if there was.

What is your birth order?

I’m the middle child, which means I’m a social butterfly, peacekeeper and am fairness obsessed. Which, uh, I guess could be true, depending on my mood. 

Aaaaaaand that’s all the questions there were. I’m not going to tag anyone, because I plan on tagging people for another blog award and don’t want to overdo it. Thanks again to Evi, and I’d also like to thank the Greek God Prometheus, for giving mankind the gift of fire. Seriously dude, you have no idea how much that helped.


7 thoughts on “Yes, this is an Award Post. Deal with it.

  1. I would love to be killed in one of your stories. I suggest you make that into a contest (killer contest?).

  2. I’ve wondered myself about the blood type thing. Is there an actual reason doctors don’t write it down when you’re born? Is it a conspiracy? Laziness? Who knows.

    1. I think this is all a ploy by the American Red Cross. (“If we don’t tell them their blood type, they’ll be more likely to donate blood to find out!”) Or maybe the Illuminati’s involved.

  3. I actually had no clue you had complained about not getting tagged for anything! xD
    I’m not sure if not being killed off is a good thing or a bad thing…otherwise I’m just horribly wounded by (potentially) creepy ice-cream people. 😀

    1. Oh, well in that case I am even more honored.

      Yeah but at least with not dying, there’s a potential happy ending for you. Of course the odds of a happy ending are growing increasingly slim with each page, so . . . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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