Some Blogging Advice for All You Noobs Out There

This picture has literally nothing to do with the actual content of this post.

I apologize for using the word “noob.”

I also apologize for claiming to have read To Say Nothing of the Dog, in a post back in 2013. I have no idea why I ever claimed such a thing, but apparently I did. I even said, and I quote: “It’s almost impossible to summarize, so I will tell you this: the book’s great, the characters are unforgettable, and you will drop your jaw at least once.”

I was reading the post earlier today and I just shook my head and thought, “Why would I write this about a book I’ve never even heard of before? Was I a compulsive liar back then? Am I still a compulsive liar? Are there random chunks of my memory that have, for some reason, been taken out of my mind forever?” 

In other news, the daily prompt for today, as it turns out, is another winner of a prompt:

Key Takeaway

Give your newer sisters and brothers-in-WordPress one piece of advice based on your experiences blogging.

Now, there are many pieces of advice I’ve given over the years. Don’t censor yourself. Don’t listen to those obvious self-promoters. But the key thing I’ve taken away from the past year or so is to post consistently. 

There’s no need to post every day of course, but I think at least twice a week should be good. You could write less than that, but it probably won’t work out too well for you. 

“But Matt,” you say. “I only post twice a month, and I get lots of views and comments!”

Well congratulations, random hypothetical person who pops up in so many of my posts, you are an amazingly talented blogger. But keep in mind that you are the exception, not the rule. 

You can get away with going through a period or two of no posting. I didn’t post a whole lot throughout the summer of 2013, but then I came back with a bang soon afterwards and BAM! Gained a thousand followers in one month. (Half of these followers presumably scroll right past my post whenever they see it, judging from my stats page. Another quarter of them are spam bots.) 

But as I’ve learned, inconsistent posting is always accompanied by apologies and promises that you probably won’t be able to keep. And when you continue to go on long periods of absences, you start to lose the trust and patience of your readers, which as it turns out, are two things that are very hard to get back. 

So, uh, yeah. A lot of you newbies are probably posting pretty consistently right now, because you’ve just started the blog and you’re all excited over it. My advice is to keep it up. Just keep on posting, and if you do have to go on a hiatus, make sure to let your readers know ahead of time, so you don’t feel guilty about it. 

Also, remember to be the leaf. 



2 thoughts on “Some Blogging Advice for All You Noobs Out There

    1. I have done that on occasion, to mixed results. Like, I’ll have a good idea for a post, and then I find that it’s much harder to write than I’d originally thought. And as a result I have whole bunch of sad, half-written drafts saved on my account.

      I’ll get around to finishing them.



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