I Finally Saw the New Star Wars Movie and it Was Glorious

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of Star Wars. I watched all of them multiple times as a kid, and I read the surprisingly-really-good novelizations for all of them. But then I lost interest around seventh grade and I’ve barely thought about them since. I watched a bit of Attack of the Clones a few months ago and had to turn it off, because those Anakin/Padme scenes were just so painful to watch. 

And then I found out that The Force Awakens was supposed to play in December of 2015, and I just sort of shrugged at the news. I had stopped caring about that franchise a while ago, and this new movie would need to be really, really good in order to get me back into it.

I remember seeing the first teaser for it, and I honestly thought it was a joke trailer at first. For a few reasons, really:

  1. For some reason I had trouble imagining a legitimate Star Wars movie with a black guy as the main character. I’m not sure if this says more about me or the franchise, but I’m ready to admit that I was a tad bit somewhat kind of extremely wrong.
  2. I figured that the stormtroopers were all clones of Jango Fett, so it was impossible for any of the stormtroopers to look like non-Jango Fetts. As it turns out, I was totally wrong on this regard. (Abysmal, my Star Wars knowledge is.)
  3. BB-8 looked like an adorable soccer ball, and when I saw him I started to wonder if this was some sort of advertisement for FIFA.
  4. Also, something about the music made me doubtful.

Then I watched the main trailer, and I was feeling pretty meh about it until that score started playing. You know the one. (Da, daaaa, dah duh daah, duuhhhhhh. Duh daaah duh da dah dadadaaaahhh.) And suddenly I was hyped.

“I will watch this movie,” I said to myself. “For the music, mostly.”

The soundtrack was beautiful, by the way, but that wasn’t even the best part.

No, the best part was this little guy:

I was rooting for this guy the moment he showed up on screen. He was just so loyal, and sweet, and hilarious. He’s like a dog, except smarter and cooler and significantly rounder. The only droid who’d give him a run for his money is R2D2, so that scene where the two of them interacting was one of my favorites in the movie. 

The second best part of this movie was Rey:

Image result for rey star wars

This girl was great. So great, in fact, that she started leaning towards a Mary Sue pretty early in the movie. Oh who am I kidding, she totally was a bit of a Mary Sue. She’s great at everything, doesn’t have any real flaws, and she can hold her own in a lightsaber duel with a trained Jedi despite having no actual training herself. (Or does she?) 

I don’t even care though, cause she was fantastic the whole way through. There’s a whole bunch of theories regarding her parentage, but I for one am hoping she’s not related to anyone important. This whole, “Every major character is the parent/child of another major character,” thing is getting old real fast.

And then there’s Finn. Finn was likable and funny the whole way through, although I must say that I find it weird that he doesn’t seem to have any guilt after all those stormtroopers he kills during the movie. He knows that these are people who’ve been taken from their families when they were young and programmed to fight for the First Order, just like him. Some of them may be feeling the same things he felt in the beginning of the movie, but they don’t know how to get themselves out because unlike Finn, they didn’t have a handsome smooth-talking pilot dude nearby to help them escape.

He should’ve been a bit more conflicted, I think. This is a man who’d been conditioned since childhood to serve the First Order without question. He shouldn’t be able to break free from that so easily without any lingering doubts.

I don’t give a hoot, though. Because all of the main characters were decently well-written, likable, and well-acted, which is more than I can say for any of the prequel characters. And I think we should all take a moment to appreciate the fact that there is now a Star Wars movie centering around a woman and a black guy. This shouldn’t be impressive, (#nowomenofcolorinsight) but it sort of actually kind of is. 

This movie was also something that the prequels totally forgot to be: it was fun. So much fun. I was enjoying myself from the very first scene to the very last, whereas the prequels just sort of dragged on forever and ever. The movie was apparently 2 hours and 15 minutes long, but it felt closer to an hour and a half for me, and I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing. 

Overall rating: 9/10.

Keep in mind that I’m easily impressed.


9 thoughts on “I Finally Saw the New Star Wars Movie and it Was Glorious

  1. …oooooh I was so eager to pounce on this post but then I drank some juice and cooled down to the point where the effort became too much. So I’ll make this shorter than it was going to be: I disagree. The new Star Wars movie was definitely better than the prequels but uh, not that great in my opinion. It seems like the creation of a new generation Star Wars film series (the apparent new trilogy that’s going to be made). Which is okay. But man, the flaws in this film were so plenty. So many plotholes that if the next movie doesn’t fix, is just going to leave lots of hardcore fans utterly disappointed and disillusioned. Like come on, wtf is Luke’s lightsaber doing in that box. There better be an interesting story for that one considering the last time we saw it was falling down into nothingness.. TT_TT

    1. Plotholes schmotholes, as long as there’s BB-8 for me to look at, I’ll still love this movie.

      And i totally buy the idea that sometime during the thirty-ish year gap between the original trilogy and this one, someone managed to find that light-saber. Just imagine some of the conversations that must’ve taken place after the Empire Strikes Back:

      “Hey, did you hear that that Jedi kid got his arm chopped off in the battle at Cloud City?”

      “Ha, sucks to be that guy.”

      “Yeah, they say his hand is still holding onto his lightsaber, floating around in space.”

      “A free lightsaber, floating around in space, eh?” *puts on searching hat* “Let’s roll.”

      1. BB-8 was comedic relief, nothing more. and what about the complete light of the Force??? LIKE COME ON. The Force was originally something so special, etc etc etc. The prequels made it a disaster with the Midichlorians.. and now Rey is so powerful with what we’ve seen so far, no training?? Look at how Luke went through so much training and Yoda’s guidance and he still couldn’t defeat Darth Vader and shit. DV had to be the one to throw Sidious overboard! ARE WE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE REY IS THIS OP FROM THE GET GO?! And wtf is up with Ren having Darth Vader’s mask when is was freaking burned with him in the last original trilogy movie. Like wut is this. There better be good stories to plug all those holes up =__=
        And as for the lightsaber… oh god.. that’s just a sad way to fix that up.

      2. Puh-lease. BB-8 was the heart and soul of this movie. Without him, the entire plot wouldn’t have happened.

        (Warning: Lots of hand-waving and excuses below, some of which was done just to mess with you. I’ve decided to start off 2016 by creating unnecessary enemies.)

        Yeah, Rey beating Kylo Ren was a bit ridiculous, (Rey’s a bit too perfect IMO) but I wouldn’t consider it too much of a stretch, considering that Ren doesn’t seem to be nearly as well trained or as mature as Darth Vader was in the original trilogy. He came across as more of a mopey Attack of the Clones Anakin than a true Sith Lord.

        And didn’t Luke kick Vader’s ass in the Return of the Jedi? The only reason he didn’t seal the deal was because he was trying to resist the Dark Side and whatnot. Vader fought like a bitch, is all I’m saying. Hell, I probably could’ve beaten him if I’d just drank some red bull beforehand.

        To be honest, the plotholes themselves didn’t bother me. Most of them I don’t really consider a big deal. What really bugs me, now that I think of it, is how the movie rehashed so many elements from the original trilogy, to the point where there wasn’t really anything new added to it. The story was even resolved by having to destroy a Star Destroyer, which was basically a death star, but bigger! *grumbles* It won’t be too big of a deal for me, providing that the next two movies are more ambitious and original.

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