In Which I Return From my Absense in a Blaze of Glory


I’ve been on random hiatuses so many times now that I’m pretty sure you could call me a pro at it. In fact, whenever a blogger spontaneously disappears, I think it would be fair game to say that they are “pulling a Matt.”

I’m really hoping I just coined a phrase right there.

But thanks to all my other various hiatuses in the past, I know exactly what to expect on my return. For one thing, I know that my first post back isn’t going to get a whole lot of views or comments, and it’s only after the second or third one that the stats page stops looking so sad and hideous.

My stats will likely remain lower than normal anyway, if only because, based on my past three(!) years of blogging, my stats are always lower during the holiday season. Apparently you people consider spending time with your family more important than reading my blog.

*scoffs* You all sicken me.

It’s always a bit hard to deal with, but the good news about this is that I could pretty much wing it for this post and they’ll be little to no consequences. So sit back and enjoy as I basically just list a bunch of things I’ve done in the past few weeks or so. Feel free to not even bother reading this post, I wouldn’t blame you.

—I’ve become a hardcore fanboy of this show called, “The Leftovers,” which was pretty much the greatest show on television right now. Of course, I haven’t actually watched every single show currently on TV, but I still consider myself qualified to make that sort of statement.

—I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone reading this should, after clicking that like button, immediately subscribe to HBO and watch all the available episodes of The Leftovers, right now.

“But what about Jessica Jones!?” you ask.

Okay, first you can watch Jessica Jones, but then you have to go straight to The Leftovers once you finish. The first season of the show was a wee bit divisive, and even I’ll admit it was a bit slow and melodramatic in the beginning, but after that glorious sixth episode I knew I would be a fan of this show for as long as it was on. Every single episode since then has a been an hour long masterpiece.

And while Jessica Jones has received lots of media attention and is pretty much guaranteed to be renewed for another season, The Leftovers is not so lucky. Its ratings are terrible, and if they don’t go up soon I might not get to see a third season, and I don’t think I could handle that. Because honestly, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited over a TV show.

*checks diary*

I believe the last time was Lost, season 5. And before that, there was nothing. 

In other news:

— I discovered that jazz music is the perfect music to write to, because it just sort of blends into the background. You don’t even notice it. And when you do notice it, you don’t even mind because you’re too busy thinking, “Daaaamn, that saxophone is fire!”

— This site keeps popping up on my phone saying: “Warning: Your phone has been infected by a deadly virus! Download this app to get rid of it!” And I can’t help but suspect that the app itself is a virus. What do I do?

— I’ve been very busy with school, work, college applications, and surprise dentist appointments lately. I also find it increasingly hard to get out of the bed in the morning, solely because it’s too goddamn cold.

— Did I mention that I’m working 10 AM to 2 PM on Thanksgiving? (Speaking of which, is McDonald’s busy on Thanksgiving mornings? I feel like it is.)

—I’ll be watching Mockingjay: Part 2 on Saturday, so keep your eyes on the horizon for a review.

—There probably won’t be a review, but still. Keep your hopes up anyway.

—You know that story about the ice cream truck killer I was writing? Well it turns out to be a bit longer than I expected, and I’m not sure how I’d be able to divide it into a series of posts, unless you guys are open to reading three to four thousands words at a time. Let me know, bro.

— To end this horrific excuse for a post, here’s the opening scene of The Leftovers, just to intrigue you all further.

Just watch the show already.


4 thoughts on “In Which I Return From my Absense in a Blaze of Glory

    1. Thank you! These background changes are getting a bit excessive, aren’t they? But excessiveness has never stopped me before. Enjoy this white background while it lasts, because once the snow option becomes available on WordPress, I’m going to have to change it once again.

      Also, I’ve found the perfect place for you in my Ice Cream Truck Killer story. I apologize in advance for what happens to your character.

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