In Which an Idea I Made in Jest Becomes Surprisingly Serious

So a few months ago, I wrote a post in which i briefly mentioned hearing the ice cream man outside at two o’clock in the morning, and mentioned how that would make a really good horror story. People commented agreeing with me, and suddenly an idea for a story formed in my head, a story about someone (or something, eh?) who uses the ice cream truck in the middle of the night to lure kids outside without their parents knowing.

Then I did some research about the ice cream man, and oh boy, did I realize that this was the story I was meant to tell.

I wrote the prologue, which involved an abused, disfigured boy being kidnapped by an ice cream man with no eyes (you know, just normal prologue stuff), and then had to resist the urge to keep writing, because I’m working on another WIP, and I know that when I try to work on two projects, things never work out well. I usually just go back and forth, making ridiculously slow progress with both of them.

So I worked on my original WIP, and kept working on it, but that nagging voice at the back of my head kept saying, “Hey. Hey, Matt. You should work on that other story. You know, the one about the evil ice cream man?”

“No,” I said to the voice. “I know from many past experiences that that would only end badly.”

“But but but, ice cream!” said the voice. “You have all these great ideas. You can even use that drive-thru shooting scene that you tried to work into your other WIP but couldn’t because it didn’t fit.”

(The drive-thru shooting scene is an idea I came up with on one of those slow days working the McDonald’s drive-thru. Basically, I realized just how easy it would be for someone to go through the drive-thru and shoot me in the face as I handed them their food. They could just drive away, maybe wipe the blood off their car, and switch the license plate around and no one would ever know who it was. Except me, of course, but I’d be dead. I realized afterward that this would make an amazing surprise death scene.)

“Okay, fine!” I said. “I’ll focus on the other story,” and that was that.

So I titled the story, “I Scream for Ice Cream,” because of course I did, and I’ve been making decent progress with it ever since. It helps that halloween’s right around the corner, which should help get me in the spooky mood. 

What is this story about, you ask? 

Well, the story centers around a teenage girl, her best friend, and her best friend’s drug dealer, as each of them are stalked by an evil creature who drives an ice cream truck, who may or may not be human. (Haven’t decided that yet. I’m going to do the Stephen King approach and just sort of wing it.) 

I may end up publishing this as one of those interactive blog stories, but I won’t do it until I’m completely finished. 

Some other facts about this story:

  • The story takes place in a town called Simmer Lake, and much like Long Island, the town has an evil, intangible presence within it.
  • The ice cream man has bizarre looking eyes. “His eyes were all pupil — two black ovals above his nose, watching nothing and everything at once.”
  • George Clooney will make a cameo appearance.
  • He won’t, actually. 
  • If it does become a weekly published-on-my-blog sort of story, I am totally naming the characters after my followers, so you could all hate on me when I kill you off.
  • That last point could get really weird if I end up writing a sex scene.
  • I’m probably not going to include any sexual content, though, so all is okay. Although one of the characters may be tempted. *winkity wink*

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. If anyone would like to have a character named after them, please let me know. I’ve already named a character after one of you, by the way. (I just felt like the name fit the character well, in that instance.) 


23 thoughts on “In Which an Idea I Made in Jest Becomes Surprisingly Serious

    1. Mwuhaha! Would you be honored or upset if I told you that I actually did name the main character after you? I just think Katie Nichols makes a really good fictional name. (Katie Nichols: Vampire Slayer.)

      1. Don’t worry, I’m totally gonna subvert all those horror movie tropes. The book will end with Katie and the Ice Cream Truck killer deciding to go their separate ways. Ice cream truck man will end up being a pediatrician (ranked #1 in the state) and Katie will become an NFL linebacker. (football, as it turns out, was her hidden passion.)

      2. (I’m about twenty-thousand words into the story, and I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to veer into the supernatural quite yet. I may just have to throw in a few vampires though, just because.)

        (Or perhaps I’ll save that for the sequel.)

        (Of course, Katie may not live for the sequel . . .)

        (But if she does . . .)

  1. Ohmigosh this is going to be so creepy if you do end up posting it… and I am so down for a character sharing my name and then dying tragically. Or quickly. Or just dead, whatever works, if you even want to do that. SERIOUSLY THOUGH. Such a creepy idea.

    1. Why thank you. True, the drive-thru does have a few cameras, but at my place at least, they are pretty useless once it turns dark. (Though I suppose there are other cameras that I don’t know about. I’m gonna have to do some research here.)

    1. Yes I can! This is going to be so fun.

      I think I might name the detective character after you, or perhaps the killer itself. Anything is possible in the town of Simmer Lake.

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