Sarcastic or Genuine? A Game You’ll All Enjoy

I am occasionally a very sarcastic person, making random, unnecessary comments towards people with the ferocity of a particularly angry kitten. While this has its perks — it’s given me a bunch of wonderfully like-minded readers — it does have its downsides. For example, some people will read my sarcastic comments and think I’m being genuine. Or people will read my genuine statements and think I’m being sarcastic. You can see how this could be an issue, right? 

For example, take something I said in a forum a few months ago: “Treating women as human beings? That’s crazy!” 

Now imagine if someone had read that, without knowing much about me at all. “Wow,” they’d say. “Matt doesn’t think women should be treated like people? Well it looks like he’s just shown his true colors.” Then said person would unfollow me, and start an online petition demanding I delete my blog and jump off a bridge. Because this is the internet, millions of people would sign that petition without even bothering to fact check, and the next thing you know I’d be plummeting off the nearest bridge, wondering how it all went wrong. 

So to avoid that situation, I’ve thought of a game designed to test and improve your sarcasm detectors, particularly when it comes to me. Below are a list of sentences from past blog posts taken completely out of context, and in the comments below you’ll have to decide whether it’s sarcastic or genuine. Winner gets a shoutout in the next post, along with a high-five and bragging rights. S/he also gets the title of “Head Engine.” (It’s like a head minion, but not quite as good for the environment.)

So just to make sure we’re clear, this is how you’d answer them in the comments. Each statement will be numbered: 

  1. “The best feeling ever is when you tell a joke to a group of people, and none of them laugh.”

Your comment would be something like, “1: sarcastic.” Perhaps you can include an explanation to why you think it’s sarcastic, but I wouldn’t take points off if you didn’t.

So: let’s begin.

  1. “I felt really bad about it, too.”
  2. “I love it when it rains outside.”
  3. “Things would be so much happier there if they all just, like, chilled out, y’know?” 
  4. “But we also got a tiny tardis, so all its flaws are forgiven.” 
  5. “I was like Employee of the Month material, right then and there.” 
  6. “This is a tough one.” 
  7. “Everyone there was friendly and likeable.” 
  8. “Thanks for the pep talk, Dad.”
  9. “I expect a birthday cake from each of you.”
  10. “I don’t usually condone murder, but someone needs to kill that guy behind me who kept clapping every ten minutes.”

Good luck in the comments, although I must say, I doubt anyone will get all of them correct. There are some tricky ones in there.


41 thoughts on “Sarcastic or Genuine? A Game You’ll All Enjoy

  1. 1. Sarcastic
    2. Genuine
    4. Genuine
    5. Sarcastic
    6. Sarcastic
    7. Genuine (I think I may be able to say which post this was)
    8. Sarcastic
    9. Hopeful
    10. Genuine

    1. 7/10 correct. I can’t tell you which ones yet, (due to potential cheaters lurking around), but i will say that I’m impressed. *tips hat*

      Also, your answer to number 7 gave me a good idea: Contestants will be awarded three points each if they could name which post each quote came from. (though I doubt anyone’s going to actually do this, cause unless they’ve got a great memory, that’s going to be ridiculously time-consuming.)

      1. *curtsies* 7/10? Wow. Looking forward to seeing which ones were the ones I missed. When I first answered it, I think over half of them were “Genuine”. (Me being very trusting and naive and all.)

        7 is from the post where you were visiting colleges. That’s the only guess I’m going to make, though I think I might also know where 5 is from.

      2. Cooooorrrrrrrrreecct! But can you guess number 5?

        (And also, the majority of them were genuine, by the way. Your trusting/naive-y-ness have paid off.)

      3. I think number 5 was from the post where you were talking about annoying customers at MCDonald’s or about the guy who came into McDonald’s and was lecturing you about your life (were those the same post?).

        That may be the nicest thing I’ve ever been told about me being trusting and naive. *dabs at eyes and sniffs dramatically*

      4. Hm, I think you’re right about number five. The post wasn’t about the guy lecturing me about my life, but it was about one specific annoying customer who told me to calm down. (Excuse me while I quietly seethe at the memory.) Which might be what you’re thinking of, but then again, it might not. *ominous music plays in the background*

      5. Huh. Perhaps. It’s just I remember two McDonald’s posts and they both seem to be about annoying people (maybe I’m experiencing some sort of deja vu?). (Sorry to bring up bad memories. Have a cookie. *hands you a cookie*)

      6. In fairness though, I don’t think it’s possible for someone to write a post about Mcdonald’s and not talk about annoying people.

        (eww, is this a raisin cookie? Gross. *throws cookie away.* ‘Go chocolate chip or go home,’ has always been my motto.)

      7. I just searched McDonald’s on your blog. You have four posts with McDonald’s in the title.
        (No! I hate raisins! I don’t know what was in that cookie… *hides package behind back*)

      8. You did. It was you all along. You thought you could fool me, didn’t you? But you couldn’t, because no one could fool the third of the Black triplets. No one but the wind and the snow, and sometimes bagels, but only at certain occasions. You have made yourself a very powerful enemy, Katie Joyce Nichols.

        (I tried to guess your middle name. For some reason I thought Joyce would fit well.)

      9. (Joyce? Not even close, dude. I think I’ve even told you my middle name…)
        You and your triplet-sibs have proven worthy nemesises… nemesi? Nemesisters! I will give you that.

      10. (If you did tell me I don’t remember. Perhaps that was one of my triplets you were talking to.)

        *bows* I am honored to be one of your nemesis(ters).

      11. (Aha, I’m actually starting to feel a distant memory trickle in the back of my mind. I think you did tell me that. You also told me about your plans to destroy the world, which isn’t cool. I’ve got plans, you know, and i can’t have you ruining them by forcing an early apocalypse on us all.)

      12. You could, but what if it backfires? Personally, I think your best bet is to freeze yourself for eighty years or so, so you’ll be the same age in 2095. Of course, by doing this you’ll be giving everyone else trying to destroy the world a head-start, so … *shrugs* I apologize for the inconvenience.

        PS: what do you think of my new blog color? The friendly blue works to deceive readers into thinking I’m a good person.

      13. …The thought of pulling a Captain America just depresses me. Any other ideas?

        It’s a lovely blue. And it looks familiar… But never mind that! You have good taste in blue. *nods*
        Also something blue that could help you: fairy penguins. Just put “fairy penguins” into Google Images and then stick a few pics in your next post.

      14. Nope, you’re on your here. Katie Elizabeth Nichols.

        Wait a minute. *looks at your blog* You have almost the same color blue on your blog! Does that mean what I think it means?

        Also, those fairy penguins are adorable. I want one. I will name it “Ser Bartholomew the Third,” and it will be mine.

      15. SIGH. FINE.
        Can I pencil in the assassination of your other triplet for next Tuesday?

        That we have similar tastes in blue? Or that you went to my blue and found the color code and used that. But I’d like to believe that you just have very good taste.

        Aren’t they just? But I’m afraid mine is named “Ser Bartholomew the Third”. Yours will have to be “The Fourth”.

  2. Okay I SWEAR I haven’t looked at the answer key yet (your turn: is this sarcastic or genuine??), so I’m gonna give this a shot:

    1. Sarcastic
    2. Genuine
    5. Genuine
    6. Genuine
    7. Genuine
    9. Written to be sarcastic but deep down inside secretly genuine
    10. Genuine

    I’m afraid that I’ve mistakenly pegged most of them as genuine but something tells me you’re purposely trying to mislead people into thinking most of them are sarcastic…

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