My Goals for Summer 2015

So I’ve been seeing a lot of goal-related posts lately, and it’s got me thinking. Perhaps I myself should write a list of goal myself. Who knows, I might even actually accomplish some of them. You can never tell.

My only hesitation is that my goals may not be considered interesting. I recall rolling my eyes at some other posts in which their goals are stuff like “drink room-temperature water” and “read book about cauliflower,” and wondering why, oh why, would they think others would find that interesting. Hopefully, no one will have the same experience when reading this.

So, alas, my goals:

1) Get buff. 

You may not know this about me, but according to my doctor I am underweight. I’ve been compared to a young tree with the branches chopped off. People have trouble seeing me when I turn to the side. And while I do enjoy being able to fit through tight places, I would like to put a bit more muscle on. Preferably, so much muscle that conversations like this happen:

“Woah, is that the Hulk over there?”

“Nah, that’s just Matt wearing a green shirt.”

“Oh. So why’s he smashing cars and throwing them at people’s houses?”

“Well that, I’m afraid I don’t have an answer for.”

2) Get a sexy tan.

One of the downfalls of being Irish on both sides of the family is that it is nearly impossible to get a tan painlessly. Basically, I have to get sunburn, but not too much sunburn, otherwise said skin will peel and it will be painful and ugly for all involved (so, just me). But I will try my best. Hopefully people will look at me and say:

“Is that Vin Diesel?”*

“Nope, that’s just Matt with a shaved head.”

“Damn. Matt’s been looking good lately.”

3) Finally take advantage of my Netflix account.

Without school, the only real responsibility I have this summer is work, and there’s no homework you have to do for work. I also have to do a few summer assignments, but I plan on waiting till the last minute for that anyway. But during the school, I feel like I haven’t had the time to waste my time watching television. (I think that sentence was grammatically correct.) I still need to finish up Daredevil, and season 3 of Orange is the New Black is coming back soon. And I will binge it all.

4) Confront my Inner Demons:

This should be a tough one. I suppose it could wait till next summer.

5) Get featured on Engie’s Quarterly Rewinds.

Basically, Engie (who’s secretly John Green, but that’s not more important right now) recaps each season, and in said recap she features her five favorite posts from other bloggers. And if I don’t step up my game by the twenty-first of June, I probably won’t make it. Mostly because I’ve barely been posting lately. I blame the government. Oh, and chairs. Fuck you, chairs.

6) Finish that book I’ve been writing. 

I technically did finish this book during NaNoWriMo a few years ago, but that was like, three drafts ago, and looking back at it, it was pretty terrible. (Most things are, I’ve found.) The story changed completely now. Like, there’s multiple POV characters, it’s told in the third person, and there’s a surprising lesbian romantic subplot that somehow managed to become the heart of the story. I wasn’t expecting that last part to happen. It just sort of did.

7) Get beta readers.

I really want to find a few people willing to read my manuscript and give valuable advice. I want most of them to be brutally honest, and one person to be gently not honest, just to keep my spirits up. The thing is, most of my fictional writing goes unread by most people, and the people who do read it aren’t reading with much of a critical eye. I need unbiased opinions, goddamnit.

8) Get to do the drive-thru more at McDonalds.

I’m sick of doing front counter, to be honest, and lately I’ve been getting to do the drive-thru more often, and it’s so much more fun. Well, not fun so much as challenging, but challenging in an exciting way. And the people who go through the drive-thru tend to be a bit more interesting. Here’s an example of one of many memorable conversations:

Me: “Thank you for choosing Mcdonald’s, how can I help you?”

Guy: “Yeah, I just wanted you to know that the people at Dairy Queen are a bunch of racist assholes.”

Me: “Um, okay. Thanks for letting us know.”

Guy: *angrily drives off*

9) Actually finish a book.

I can’t remember the last book I finished. I think the last one was Boneshaker, a steampunk novel about 1850s Seattle and zombies. It was great, but I had to return it to the library for the summer.

I hoping to really catch up on reading this summer. I mean, I probably won’t, but still.

10) Take full advantage of my Six Flags season pass.

I love going to Six Flags: Great Adventure. mostly because of this ride, and this ride, and this ride, but I only went twice last summer, which wasn’t nearly enough if you ask me.


So, what are your goals for this summer? What did you think of mine? And if you’re an employee at Dairy Queen, can you please shed some light on that one guy’s struggles?

*I think I may be confusing Vin Diesel for some other famously tan person. I’m afraid to look it up.


20 thoughts on “My Goals for Summer 2015

    Actually, I don’t want a tan (which is good because I mostly freckle before I tan), but if I do manage to get sunburned this summer, I need to get sunburned evenly.
    And please finish your book. And if you find you can’t, write something new.

    My goals… edit. Because I have a deadline now. A self-imposed deadline, but a deadline nonetheless. Also, read the books I haven’t read yet. And knit things so I can sell them and make money. Can one of my goals be stay sane? One of yours is confronting inner demons and I don’t have demons, so…

    1. *nods* I understand your struggles

      Yes, I shall use it said Six Flags pass as much as possible. I need to revisit Kingda Ka, because that ride was glorious. (Have you ever been on Kingda Ka? Because that ride is life-changing, I tell you. I went on it a boy, I came off it a man.)

      I can’t make any promises concerning my book. But right now it’s going great.

      Also, I call hogwash on that last part. Everyone has demons. Even demons have demons. Even the demons’ demons have demons, and so on and so forth.

      1. (I’m not really a roller coaster person. And I’m already grown up mostly, so I’m a little afraid of what would happen if I chose to ride that one.)


        Well… maybe I just call them something else. Maybe it’s another name for my internal editor, Lydia. She demands perfection and she can be pretty demonic every now and then.

      2. (Yeah, you’re right. If you were to go on Kingda Ka, you’d probably come off it as an old woman, with hip problems whatnot. Tis best to stay away.)

        Can I borrow Lydia, by any chance? I’ve been getting lazy lately, and can use some demonic perfectionism to get me motivated.

      3. You can borrow her in the late afternoons. That is the time of day when I can almost never write.
        The question is how I’m going to transfer one of my alter-egos to you…

      4. I believe you do that by handshake.
        Say, are you aware of the handshake used in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? Because I believe that particular handshake would be the most effective.

      5. No, sorry. I’m afraid that my appreciation for Disney Channel was very lacking until a few years ago. And then Suite Life was gone by then.

      6. That’s a shame. We could also just sing “Doofenshmirts’ Evil Incorporated!” at the same time and at the exact same pitch. Your alter-ego shall transfer over to me via frequency and sound waves and whatnot.

      7. There’s a hundred and four days of Summer vacation, and school comes along just to end it!

        Am I helping?

        (Also, I want to live where they live, where their vacation is apparently longer than the actual season of summer itself.)

      8. And the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it!

        (Yes! Oh… I’m pretty sure that the series finale is tonight…)

    1. Thanks you, (and I will check out your goals!) Perhaps I’ll send you the goals of my WIP when it’s finished, or maybe in a chunks. *has no idea how beta reading works.* Anywho, thanks for offering.

      Now excuse me while I check out your blog.

  2. AEEEAEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *cringes because roller coaster rides are the LAST thing she ever wants to do* But I hope you have fun on them, and don’t throw up afterwards or anything. (As I would surely do.)

    Pfffft. I probably will include you in my quarterly rewinds, because your posts ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGH. *big thumbs up*

    1. Yeah, based on that, adult life seems pretty cool. But then again, you do have to put up with a lot of taxes, and back pain, apparently. Plus, all the guys in my family all have a history of early balding, so. . .

  3. Ahaha!of course everyone would notice the Tanned Buff guy wearing a green T shirt and say he looks like the hulk …yea cuz your whole body would be tanned green yea? Haha! This just made me happy!

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