When is the Best Time to Publish a Post?

(I’m scheduling this for 9:00 AM, something I haven’t done in a long, long time.)

So lately I’ve been experimenting with the time I publish each post, to see which time gets the most amount of responses. I usually post things around 9:30 at night, but just yesterday I read one of those “How to be a better blogger!” sites (don’t judge me) and apparently, that’s the worst time to publish things?

“Whaaaatttt?????” I said, having read this particular nugget. “But I’ve been posting at that time throughout my blog’s two years and six days of life!” (Speaking of which, my blog’s two-year anniversary just passed. Thanks for noticing, you goons.) While what I’ve been doing seems to have generally wielded some nice results, I started to wonder: could I get even better results if I posted at an earlier time?

So yesterday I published my post at around 11:30 AM, to see if there was any noticeable difference in the responses. And unfortunately, the post didn’t do nearly as well as most of mine do. It got six ‘like’s, but I’ve never cared about those, so that doesn’t matter to me. What does matter to me are the amount of comments each post receives, and Why Splitting Mockingjay in Two was for the Best received none, which might have something to do with the time it was published.

Now, perhaps WSMiTwftB was just a really shitty post, and that was why it got no comments. (I mean, there’s a huge margin for error here.) Either way, I’m never posting anything at 11:30 AM again, just to be safe.

So my question for you folks is: when do you publish your blog posts? Do you have a specific time for it each day, or are you like I was up until a few days ago and put no thought into it whatsoever? And most importantly, is it unethical to download music illegally? I hope it isn’t.


16 thoughts on “When is the Best Time to Publish a Post?

  1. I post things without any thought whatsoever, personally. I don’t think it really matters when you post them because your 9:30 PM will be someone’s 11:30 AM somewhere in the world. I think. I don’t quite understand time-zones. I guess if you want people who live near you to find your blog it probably matters. But then who has ever wanted locals to find their blog? *shudders* The horror of it.

    As for the ethics of illegal music, it depends entirely on how rich the musicians you’re stealing the music from are. If it’s a tiny band no one’s ever heard of and who go to their shows in an incredibly old and beat-up van, you might want to support them because they get a ridiculously small portion of the money. As in, each of them gets maybe a couple of per cent — and that’s before they pay back the loan the record company probably gave them to make the record. If you’re wanting to illegally download Beyonce, though, go ahead.

    1. Yeah, you’re right. Luckily I don’t listen to tiny bands no one’s ever heard of, (mostly because I haven’t heard of them), so I won’t feel too bad about stealing from the bands I do listen to.

  2. Frankly, I think you get the best results when you post at a regular time. My readers gets a little thrown off when I changed times a little and they start going, “Did something happen to you?”

    1. Yeah, you’re probably right. Though I sort of wish my followers got worried whenever the times change. Instead some of them seem disappointed that nothing happened to me.

  3. Admittedly I’ve just gotten back from a long hiatus from blogging so perhaps I’m not too fit to answer this question, however going off previous experience time really doesn’t matter. I do like to post around the time I feel most people will be online reading so it doesn’t get buried under new posts on their Readers, but as the earlier comment said time zones make it different anyway. I publish whenever I can be be bothered to write a post. When it’s done, it goes up. It’s usually content that changes view numbers (and there doesn’t seem to be a pattern to what people like, so I guess I’ll just keep changing it up).

    As for illegal music download, I won’t pretend to know anything about where the money goes or how much the musicians get, but personally I love a good CD. True, I use Spotify, but my physical album collection is now (thanks to Christmas, yey!) over 100 CD’s. I don’t pay attention to the money side of things, but there is something satisfying about a physical copy.

  4. During the school week, I publish at 7-9 PM, but on weekends, it’s usually the morning because I have more time.. I do schedule posts sometimes, too, if I want it to go up at a certain time.
    I’m sorry, but I do think it’s unethical to download music illegally, but I have been called a goody two shoes from time to time so who knows.
    [Also: Very sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. WordPress kind of hates me and I’ve been travelling.]

  5. I didn’t know anyone had a set time to publish a post. I just write and publish them whenever I remember that I had something to post about. And when I have time, of course. Whoever sees it, sees it.

    Congratulations on your anniversary, by the way 🙂

  6. I started scheduling my posts as well. I tend to set it for 5 p.m., my time. But that’s mostly because I’m home from work, and I can obsessively watch for notifications like the clown that I am.

    1. Aha. I usually try to schedule posts for right before I go to bed, so hopefully I can avoid obsessively watching for notifications. (it’s bad for your mental health, I hear.) I still do it anyway, though.

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