New Year Resolutions (A Little Late, I Know)

Never change, Calvin. Never change.

I realize that it is now January 2nd, and you’re all probably tired of hearing all these resolutions. Hell, most of you have probably broken them already. (I kid, I kid.) That being said, I have a few goals and plans for this year that I hope to achieve. To start off:

1) No more missing deadlines.

Okay, so I sort of dropped the ball on this one. (It is no longer New Year’s Eve, after all), but this will be the last time. My posts for the TCWT blog chain have been late twice last year, and for that I have shamed myself, my family, and my country. But in 2015, I will no longer shame anyone, for I will not miss a single TCWT-related deadline. If I do, I give you all permission to murder me in my sleep. I mean, I’d prefer it if you didn’t murder me in my sleep, but if you felt the need to I guess you couldn’t be blamed.

2) Comment more.

I haven’t commented as much as I should have in 2014. There are some great bloggers out there who probably don’t even know I exist, despite the fact that I’ve read all of their posts for months now. (If you’re reading this and I’ve never commented on your blog, just assume I’m talking about you.)

Not only that, but I sometimes neglect the comments on my own blog, which is quite possibly the most unforgivable crime any blogger could possibly commit. Sometimes I’m just not sure how to reply, and then I tell myself I’ll answer it later, and then I just forget about it. Then I’ll look back at the post five months later and see the comment I didn’t respond to and I’ll feel an overwhelming sense of guilt. But I’m not sure if I should still respond because well, that comment was from five months ago, responding now might just add insult to injury.

3) Finish a novel of some sort.

I’ve had a trilogy of sorts planned out for years (think: X-men meets Mockingjay), yet I’m having trouble actually writing it. Which as it turns out is like, the hardest part.

I’m also toying around with the idea for a prequel to More Than I Can Chew, centering around a fifteen year old Kathy Mellonsky. (Wyatt and Adrien would be adorable eleven year olds at this point.) I felt like Kathy had the potential to be the most interesting character in MTICC, yet she didn’t get a whole lot of time to shine, and a prequel would give her plenty of time for that.

So hopefully, I’ll get at least one of these done. 

4) Bump into a fellow blogger in real life.

Because how cool would this be? In fact, I think I would die happy it if at least three bloggers I follow all went to my house and we played Super Mario Bros for about five hours or so. And afterwards, we’d go to the nearest supermarket, take two carts and a few broomsticks, and we’d have a tourney in which two people would be pushed towards each other and they’d both have to try and knock the other down. And then we’d talk shit about other bloggers behind their backs, and then we’d all smoke pot and watch one of those Harold and Kumar movies. I hear they’re funnier if you’re high. And then—

I think I’m getting off topic here.

Anyhoo, those are my main goals for this year, blogging and writing-wise, at least. All in all, 2015 is probably going to be a very stressful year for me, (I hear the final half of junior year and first half of senior year is the hardest) but I’m still going to stay optimistic, at least until the stress gets to me and I end up sitting in the shower, fully dressed, eating cake whilst crying hysterically. But hey, everyone does that every once in a while, right?




14 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions (A Little Late, I Know)

  1. Oh gosh, I totally get the thing about needing to comment more 😛 It’s really hard, though (at least for me). I never feel like I have anything good to say, or I just tell myself I’ll comment later.

    Also, that X-Men meets Mockingjay novel sounds totally awesome. I would probably read it a million times over.

    1. Yeah, sometimes it feels like there’s just nothing to add to the post.

      To be fair, the whole Mockingjay-esque aspect of the series doesn’t truly come into play until the second book. (Also, I’ve just read the prologue of Steelheart, and it appears that Brandon Sanderson stole my idea for book 3, that bastard. I’m going to have to change everything now, thanks to him.)

  2. Well, I wouldn’t Super Mario Bros and the shopping cart joust, but after that… I think I’ll just stay in my room on this side of the internet and hope you post pics or videos or something.
    Not missing deadlines is good as well as finishing a novel. As for that novel’s plot… I’m afraid I know little about Mockingjay and even less about X-Men, so I can’t comment.
    And speaking of commenting, that’s a good thing, too. I like comments and replies to comments and whole chains of nonsensical but somehow logical comments (Liam’s blog spoiled me with that).

    1. 🙂 Well I can’t say I blame you for that. To be honest I probably wouldn’t do any of those things either. I’m really more of a Mario Kart type of guy.

      Hmm, have you read Steelheart, by Brandon Sanderson? Because from what I’ve read of its prologue, it has some suspicious similarities to the third book of my planned trilogy. I’m beginning to think he stole my idea, which is a bit improbable considering I came up with the idea a year after the book was published. But still, Sanderson is definitely up to something.

      Yes! I love chains of nonsensical but somehow logical comments. I’ve had some of them on this blog, but they were few and far between and I always feel a twinge of jealousy when I see one of them on Liam’s blog. I’m afraid I may never have his commenting skills.

      1. I have read some of Steelheart. Honestly the prologue was kinda dark for me. But yes, Sanderson is definitely up to something!

        Indeed. I fear none of could ever live up to the skills of The Head Phil’s commenting.

    1. Are you really kidding, or are you just saying that to put me off guard? Either way, I’m locking my doors tonight.

      Great. I’m actually thinking about looking for beta readers, though I’m not entirely sure how that whole process works.

      1. A little extra precautions never hurt, especially when you have a murderer after you, eh?

        I’d be happy to be a beta reader :’)

    1. A part of me really wants to meet some of blogger friends, but another part of me knows that it would probably be very uncomfortable at first. They’d be asking questions like, “who are you?” and “how’d you find my home address?” and that just doesn’t sound like a fun time.

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