More Than I Can Chew: Chapter 15

In this chapter, the events of next chapter are set up. I wish I could hype you up more, but. . . yeah. Click here for the past fourteen chapters.


And it’s him she’s worried about.” Diesel’s words kept repeating in the back of my mind, and I wasn’t even sure why.

“Really?” said Diesel.

“Yes, really,” I said. “This has gone too far for us to just walk away right now.”

“I disagree,” said Wyatt.

“Yeah, so do I,” said Kathy. “Let’s go home.”

Of course, I figured, trying to keep my composure. Wyatt gets to go on a revenge streak and no one asks questions. “There has to be something we could do to them.”

“The money’s fake,” said Diesel. “We don’t have to do anything. Fiona just has to buy something, get arrested for using counterfeit money, and she could say goodbye to the stupid gum empire she was looking forward to having.”

“You know,” I said, “I don’t think I believe you on the whole fake money thing. Why would Fiona even go through all this if the money wasn’t even real?”

“She doesn’t know the money’s fake, dumbass. She thinks she’s getting thousands of dollars, with the help of the super nice guy James, who may seem hard and insane, but really has a deep sensitive side that only she could bring out.”

“We could tell that detective guy that James is dealing with counterfeit money,” I said to Wyatt. “It would completely screw both of them over.”

“What detective?” asked Diesel. Wyatt ignored him.

“No, we’re not involving him,” he said. “Only as a last resort, and not even then.”

“What detective?” Diesel asked again.

“This guy who started questioning Adrien once he got to the hospital,” said Wyatt. “Apparently he thinks I’m selling drugs, because there’s no possible way I could’ve made so much money from just gum.”

“Well, he was right,” said Diesel, shrugging.

“Oh, shut up.” Wyatt turned towards me. “Fine. If we’re going to do this, you still have to call Fiona for us anyway. Otherwise she’ll know something’s up.”

I almost didn’t agree. I figured if I did it perfectly, Wyatt and Kathy would force me into the car with them and drive home, and there would’ve been nothing I could’ve done to stop them, thanks to the splinted shin and the fact that my phone—which had Fiona’s number—was probably still sitting in the urinal in the school bathroom. So I said, “Fine, but we have to come up with something first, and if you don’t go along with it I will Facebook Fiona and tell her everything once I get home.”

“You wouldn’t do that,” said Kathy.

“Yes I would,” I lied, staring her down. We made eye contact, the type of eye contact two dogs make just before one of them attacks. Kathy eventually just rolled her eyes and looked over towards Diesel. “Let him do it.” Then she muttered to herself, “This is so pointless.”

Diesel called Fiona and handed me the phone, and I waited for what seemed like a long time before she finally answered. “Diesel? What happened?” She sounded more than a little stressed out at the moment.

And it’s him she’s worried about.

“Hey, this is Adrien.” I tried my best to sound casual here. “Listen, I’m not mad at you or anything. I know you didn’t want me to get beaten up or anything. . .” I wasn’t sure what to add from here.

Fiona was silent for the next few seconds. She must’ve either put her phone down of have just stopped breathing entirely. Finally she said, in a very sincere sounding voice, “Yeah, I’m so, so sorry about that, I had no idea they would do any of that to you. Honestly, I didn’t even plan the whole kidnapping thing, that was all James’ idea, and he didn’t plan on taking you instead. . .”

“It’s fine. If anything it was my fault for messing things up to begin with.” Fiona gave an awkward laugh at this, clearly unsure of what to say, and then there was an awkward silence as she asked the obvious question.

“So. . . what happened after. . . everything?”

“Oh, they just dropped me off at the hospital—”

“Were there any police?”

“Yeah,” I said, “of course. I couldn’t give them any real information, I didn’t know anyone’s names and I was blindfolded the whole time.”

“Wyatt didn’t tell you who they were?”

I wasn’t sure what to say here, so panicking I looked up at them for advice. Wyatt whispered to me, “I didn’t want to get the police involved.”

“He didn’t want to get the police involved.”

“Oh,” she said. “Well, um, can I speak to Diesel, please?”


“Once again, I’m really sorry about what happened.” Oh give me a break. I handed Diesel the phone.

“Hey Diesel, if this is on speaker, can you take it off?”

“Yeah, I’ll take it off speaker.” Diesel did no such thing.

“Why the fuck didn’t you take him to me like I asked?” The contrast in her voice startled everyone but Diesel, who just smiled.

“You are an angel, Fiona.”

“Just tell me why.”

“This seemed easier,” he said. “He didn’t so upset, he kept going off about how much he didn’t like Wyatt, so I figured, you know, he wouldn’t be so hard to convince. At the very least, this works better than what you would’ve done.”

(“What would she have done?” asked Sean. Wyatt punched him in the arm and told him to shut up.)

“Fine. Whatever. It’s just. . . I don’t believe him. Bring him over here anyway.”

Kathy and Sean both shook their heads no, but I nodded my head yes. Wyatt was the only one who didn’t seem completely pissed. And it’s him she’s worried about.

Diesel mouthed to me: “Why?”

I looked at him, confidently. “I have a plan.”


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