My Christmas Gift to You

First off, I’d like to apologize to all the readers of my More Than I Can Chew series. The last post was over five months ago, and there’s been no real explanation why, even though I know that at least four of you were huge fans of it. And there is no great explanation, other than a severe case of writer’s block, which I don’t feel like is good enough.

To make it up for you, there will be five back-to-back MTICC posts in a row, from Christmas day to December 29th. (They have already been written and scheduled.) You will be once again be reunited with Wyatt and Adrien and Kathy and all the other characters you may have come to love or hate. There will be a few twists, a few turns, a few surprising moments of happiness, and a bittersweet ending that I you’ll hopefully find satisfying..

What provoked me to finish this story so suddenly, you ask? Well, I was giving up hope on a novel I was working on, (the story is about mutants, and it’s groovy) and I came to the shocking realization that I haven’t completed a single thing I set out to do this year. While 2013 was year of success (I won NaNoWriMo, won NaBloPoMo, and was Freshly Pressed), 2014 has so far been a year of failure. And with just a small number of days left in the year, I want to put a change to that.

And so I jotted down ideas, paced around a bit, banged my head against three separate walls, and finally came up with a semi-decent idea. After writing roughly five hundred words, I was struck with an even better idea, and ended up writing three chapters in one day. For the first time in months I felt those creative juices flowing. I felt like how Paul Sheldon did in Misery (while he was writing Misery Returns, not when he was having various body parts hacked off.)

So, for all those reading this who’re thinking “What’s More Than I Can Chew?”, feel free to click here, and get yourself caught up. And for those who have read the series up till the last one but whose memory of it is a little hazy, I’m going to write a quick(ish) summary of everything that has happened in the last thirteen chapters. You are welcome.


So, the first chapter features Adrien being angsty and the second features Wyatt about to be suspended, but the story doesn’t really start to kick off until Adrien is kidnapped by James and two other unnamed people in the boys’ bathroom at school. During this whole bizarre escapade, Adrien is beaten up badly, knocked out unconscious (with conveniently few health effects), and has a thirty minute long staring contest with Diesel in the back of a van. Meanwhile, Wyatt and his sister Kathy find out about the kidnapping, and make their way to a park near Jame’s neighborhood in order to rescue him.

Wyatt fools the three kidnappers by pretending to call the cops, (it’s actually Kathy on the line), and after a bit of arguing, they decide to drop off Adrien at the Urgent Care Center, where he is visited by 1: Detective Roy Thompson, who will probably be important later, 2:His principal, who is more concerned about a lawsuit than anything else, and 3: Everyone in his immediate family except for Wyatt. As it turns out, his parents aren’t very good at this whole parenting thing, especially where Kathy’s concerned. Meanwhile, Wyatt comes home to realize that someone has raided his home and stolen all his gum and money. (The plot really starts to thicken around this point.) So Wyatt calls up his friend Sean, takes his neighbor’s BB gun, and goes over to Connor’s house in order to interrogate him and whatnot. It doesn’t go well

Then Adrien gets home from the hospital to find that Wyatt is gone, which wouldn’t have been a problem if not for the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Mellonsky are now completely aware of the fact that Wyatt has been suspended. Kathy gets an anonymous text telling him that Wyatt has gone to Connor’s house. And the two of them leave to go find him. Kathy texts Wyatt asking where he was, which accidentally blows his cover, and he and Sean end up running out of Connor’s house. Kathy chases after them, leaving Adrien alone. Adrien decides to use this precious alone time to attack Connor’s face with his crutches. He then discovers that Fiona was actually in charge of the whole kidnapping thing, but is then immediately kidnapped by Diesel, who tells Adrien that the ten thousand dollars Wyatt has worked so hard for was actually counterfeit this whole time. *gasp*

So, what will happen next? Will Wyatt get his revenge? Will Adrien get over his self-esteem issues? Will Kathy and her mother ever get along? Find out on Christmas Day. Sure, you won’t be able to watch The Interview, but you’ll at least be able to read this.


And now, to further hype you all up, I will give you vague information that will hopefully pique your interest.

  • That BB gun will become very important.
  • Shit will go down in chapter 16.
  • Somebody will lose a tooth.
  • Someone will say, “Well it looks like I bit off more than I can chew!”
  • Okay, that last part isn’t true, but admit it, you sort of wish it was.

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