This Post Includes Multiple Adorable Puppies

So, it turns out that trying to do NaBloPoMo is a lot like trying to take up running: if you miss one day, you just sort of lose the will to keep doing it. Or maybe that’s just in my case. Anywho, I think I should just stop making promises, because that always seems to end in disappointment.

Luckily for you people, I’m the sort of person who will never stop writing, for good at least. I may be inconsistent at times, but I ain’t a quitter. Which is a shame, because if I don’t quit smoking soon, the Doctor says I’m at a serious risk of lung cancer.

Hey look, it’s Clifford the Big Red Dog. Except in this picture he’s Clifford the Small Red Dog. Ha, get it? Because he’s a puppy! I. Am. Hilarious.

Anyway, the reason I missed that one crucial day is because of a surprise sickness I came down with over the course of an eight hour shift at McDonalds. I didn’t just get a cold; I got the cold. About two hours into the shift I started to get a sore throat. An hour later, I had a headache and for some reason, my ears hurt whenever I swallowed. It only got worse from there. I completely forgot about this whole NaBloPoMo thing by the time I got home. I just wanted some sleep.

(Side note: before going home, I quickly stopped by a Walgreen’s to get myself some Nyquil, not realizing that because it contains alcohol, you have to be twenty-one or older to purchase it. But the cashier didn’t question me once. Why? Because she thought I was an adult. Haha.)

Here’s a picture of Bubbles the Nerdfighting Puppy

Soon afterward, when the cold improved, I start reading Les Miserables, and for those who’ve read it I have one question: where is Gavroche? Is he ever going to show up? I’m almost five hundred pages in and he hasn’t even been mentioned yet. Or maybe he was mentioned during the Battle of Waterloo, but I didn’t notice it because I kept dozing off. Victor Hugo could have confessed to first degree murder during that section and no one would’ve been the wiser.

Yeah, this post has no real focus. I will however, make two promises that I know for a fact will not lead to disappointment.

Promise #1: There will be snow on this blog tomorrow.

Promise #2: There will be a new post tomorrow. I know this because it’s already scheduled. What is it about? The person to correctly guess the subject in the comments will win a prize.

I will end this post by congratulating everyone who actually did win NaBloPoMo, (and NaNoWriMo), and by including this picture of a puppy about to sneeze.

Congratulations, winners!

Yep. Totally about to sneeze.

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