So, Does Anyone Have Any Ideas for a Blog Party?

So, I bought Grand Theft Auto Five today, and have already lost count of the amount innocent pedestrians I’ve killed. (In the game, everyone. In the game.) But hey, that’s what they get for walking on the sidewalk, minding their own business, while I happen to be bored and driving a firetruck at the same time.

I also quickly lost track of time, playing GTA 5, and now I have only fifteen minutes to write a post, which seems to be happening a lot lately. So to make up for it, I’m asking you this: Do you have any idea for a blog party?

Because I’m tired of explaining what a blog party, you may click here for a link to my first successful blog party, which explains it well enough.

I like doing blog parties and all, but they’ve been a bit of a mixed bag. The first one after being Freshly Pressed was amazing, but I dropped the ball on the Christmas-themed one because I was way busier than expected. The one after that went well, too, but not as well as the first post.

That being said, let’s try this out again. I just need a good theme. A theme so good, all of WordPress will want an invitation. (Which they have, because everyone reading this who happens to have a blog will be invited.)

So, any ideas?


2 thoughts on “So, Does Anyone Have Any Ideas for a Blog Party?

  1. Here are some examples of topics about writing from a book called ‘THe Kick Ass Writer’ by Chuck Wendig (published in 2013). I recommend it because it’s very motivating and funny.
    1. Once in a while drop a bomb
    2. The Superglue of the Shared Story
    3. Dialogue is easy like Sunday morning
    4. Horror needs hope
    5. Hop around like a coked up jackrabbit
    6. The Penmonkey diet
    7. Get all up in them Guts
    8. Discover the Sadness
    9. Abnormalities are your friend
    10. Sentences that shake their Word Booty

  2. What about awkward holiday experiences? A post about how your mother made you sit on santa’s lap at an age where you felt horribly uncomfortable, or buying an ugly christmas sweater from a thrift shop and becoming deathly ill after wearing it without throwing it in the washing machine. Just an idea!

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