A Few Quick Questions for Y’all

Question #1: Have you seen Interstellar yet?

Question #2: If so, what did you think?

Question #3: How many fingers am I holding up? Think: balance of probability.

Remember that your answers for these questions are roughly eleven times more important than you’d expect.

Just, y’know, try not to spoil anything.


27 thoughts on “A Few Quick Questions for Y’all

  1. #1: Yes

    #2: If I attempt to put into words how surprised I was to find that I had been sitting still for two hours and forty minutes, it would never be able to capture just how enthralled I was in this near-perfectly-paced film. Also, I’m in love with the younger Dr. Brand for being the first character in a long time to be charmingly naive and never stupid.

    #3: Three. And I hate this question.

    1. Well, that sounds promising. Thanks for answering.

      Hey now, don’t hate on that question, you. . . question hater! You’re just upset because you were off by one finger.

      1. Now I hate that question more, because I know that I have a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right now, but I also know that my luck is worse than a first time gambler’s, so…

        Two? (Are you British? Are you flipping me off?)

      2. I’m a statistical nightmare. I can’t remember the last time I chose correctly on a fifty-fifty flip.

        Is it four? Are you holding up four fingers? (I’m now desperately terrified this is one of those games, where you tell me to pick a hand, but the yummy piece of candy that I want, is actually in your jacket pocket.)

    1. Woah there, Mr. Rudy McRuderson. Guess which finger I’m holding up? Hint: many don’t consider it a finger, and it’s actually pointing down instead of up.

      (I’ve found that giving people a thumbs down is more demoralizing than flipping them off.)

      1. I just saw it – amazing scenes where time and space bend and that fifth dimensional world he was stuck in was AMAZING! They didn’t have movies this visually stunning in the 80’s!!

  2. 1. No, but I really really want to! November is a good movie month for me – I also want to see The Theory of Everything (it’s about Stephen Hawking), The Imitation Game (about Alan Turing, also known as the badass gay inventor of computers wheeeee yay), and – of course – Mockingjay Part I. I’m probably going to see just the last two movies and wait until the others come out on DVD/Netflix/illegal Internet downloads. xD

    2. N/A

    3. I think you’re probably holding up 5 fingers, although if Annie’s cut off some of them then I suppose you’d be holding up fewer.

    1. Ah, Mockingjay Part 1, can’t wait. Do you have any idea which part of the book the movie will end on? I’m hoping the final scene isn’t of Peeta choking Katniss, that would just be too mean.)

      Nah, Annie’s only been cutting off toes so far.

    2. Also, the other day I watched the movie version of Misery. The woman playing Annie was PERFECT. I put “perfect” in all caps just to further show how perfect she was. The guy playing Paul didn’t look anything like I pictured him, but *shrugs* he still did a good job.

    1. Ding ding ding! We have a winner!
      Not for answering the question right, though. (so far, no one’s guess it.) You’re a winner because you were the author of the 2,500th comment on this blog, and for the reward you get to write a guest post. Because my blog gets billions of views a day, it’ll be great for publicity.

      (You don’t have to, of course.)

      1. Awesome ( I’ll just pretend this wasn’t at all a surprise, but schemeful comment counting XD )
        I’d love to write a guest post!

      2. I’ve sent the post. Disastrously late, I know. Just finished with my exams though :3 Up to now, whether you wanna post it or not xD

      3. Yep, I got it, and I’ve just posted it now. There were a few typos I fixed, and the pictures are a little different due to format changes and whatnot. Otherwise, it’s the same as how you wrote it. Thanks for doing this!

        (Also: I completely forgot about the guest post award until three hours after you sent it. This whole thing worked out perfectly.)

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