I Was a Child Writer, and a Bad One

Is it cheating to reblog my own post? Screw it, I’m doing it anyway.

And yes, my username used to be “I’mnotthatgeeky.” Please don’t judge.

The Little Engine that Couldn't

Every once in a while I find an old piece of writing from my past and immediately cringe at how bad it was. “I actually thought this was good at one point?” I’d find myself asking. Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. For one thing, the piece of work I found earlier today was from my seven or eight year old self, so unless I was some sort of prodigy, it couldn’t have been that good.

So I gathered up some dignity, and decided to share one of my horrid pieces of writing to the rest of the world. Keep in mind that all the spelling and grammatical errors have been fixed to make the work easier to read.

The Attack of the Giant Crocodile

Once upon a time there was a cool kid named Matthew, who used to always look out his window. His mom asked him why…

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One thought on “I Was a Child Writer, and a Bad One

  1. The story is hilarious! *dies*
    “Expressed”–that is too much. I went through the same phase when I was younger. It’s okay. *pats shoulder*
    I’ve written MUCH worse than this. Unfortunately, the computer I wrote it all on is now forever gone. 😥 I do have some notebooks, though… I should post some on my blog after NaNoWriMo!

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