This Post is a Waste of Time. Don’t Bother Reading It.

So, I don’t have time to write a post today, mostly because I just got back from working an eight hour shift at McDonalds and am too tired to write anything of quality.

An eight hour shift! Is that even legal for a sixteen year old?

Anyway, now’s a good time to remind you all that I’m awarding a guest post to the author of the 2,500th comment on this blog, and as of now I have 2,440 comments. And best of all, your guest post will be completely unedited by me, meaning you could write about literally whatever you want.

And no, this isn’t a way for me to get you all to comment more.


Oh, and I have to confess: I was never actually MattyBRaps.


24 thoughts on “This Post is a Waste of Time. Don’t Bother Reading It.

  1. I tried to read the rest of the post but this is what I got.
    “This is somewhat embarrassing, isn’t it?
    It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.”

  2. I feel there is a flaw in my personality. I can’t go past blog posts that tell me not to read them.

    Is this some clever trick of yours to keep me stuck in your blog?

    Do you happen to have a handlebar mustache and equally obvious plan for world domination that will nevertheless take the requisite testosterone-y hero two hours to stop even though the rest of the cast will have been sitting in the corner rolling their eyes the entire time and trying to figure out why this is making the news?

      1. I knew it. I’m going to have to inform you that I have a degree in Eye-Rolling and Sassy come backs. I will be absolutely useless to you in your plot. I demand you set me free immediately!

  3. Yeah, I read this on the title alone. 🙂 And sorry if my sympathies are limited on that eight hour shift. Welcome to the real world. 🙂 But yeah, it can be exhausting. I used to stock shelves and rake lawns at 16. Everyone says it builds character. I wonder what they think of my character now? Hope you get some rest.

      1. Perhaps, I’m just that sort of benevolent person. Perhaps, I’m looking to sneak the guest post out from under them at the last second. Who can tell which?

        (This is the cut-throat world you have created, Matt. Revel in it.)

  4. I feel so betrayed by your Mattyb lie…I may never recover. And I am fairly certain that an 8 hour shift at McDonald’s shouldn’t be okay for anyone, ever. Actually, any job in which you have to interact with the general public should keep shifts shorter, to avoid assault charges or any of the other possible issues that may arise when folks are forced to deal with the public.

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