I Have Another Confession to Make

I used to be rapper when I was young. I went by the name “MattyBRaps” and ended up getting millions of hits on YouTube. I eventually had to dye my hair and move to New York, just to escape all the fame, which was starting to get to my head.

You can watch one of my videos below. Not gonna lie, I was pretty talented.

This would make one hell of an April Fools Joke.


16 thoughts on “I Have Another Confession to Make

    1. Well, I was writing a post for NaBloPoMo titled “Fifteen Rants in Less than a Thousand Words” and hit a bit of a block. So I started thinking of things that annoy me, thought of MattyBRaps, and realized that we both had the names Matt B. Because I was running out of time, I decided to make this post, because it was nice and quick, and was bound to stir up some controversy.

      Though unfortunately, I might have lost a few followers because of this.

      1. Okay, I confess. That isn’t me.

        I’m stuck between hating the kid and feeling bad for him, because chances are, he’s going to be made fun of the rest of his life for those videos.

  1. I actually thought you were MattyB for a moment there and wondering how the heck you grew up so fast. I am now kicking myself in the butt and knocking myself on the head simultaneously for my stupidity πŸ˜›

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