Hey, How’s It Going?

You know how I wrote that post in the beginning of the summer, talking all about how I was going to try to avoid the inevitable summer slump? Ha ha, yeah, that didn’t work out at all. I would make a few jokes about it, but I’m afraid it’s too soon for that and besides, I feel really, really bad.

Like, so bad.

As in, badder than Kangaroo Jack.

(Kangaroo Jack was a horrible movie, for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Basically, it centers around these two guys who decide to put a jacket—one with fifty thousand dollars in it— on a kangaroo because they thought it would be funny. Then the audience is supposed to feel bad for them when the wild animal runs away with all their money? Yeah, no. I reject that premise. I reject that whole movie and everyone even vaguely involved in it, and that includes the entirety of Australia. Screw you, Australians.*)

Anyway, I feel like the best way to make this up to you is to give you an idea of what I’ve been doing during these sad, post-less months.

Most importantly, I got a job, almost immediately after the post, “My Quest for a Job,” at McDonalds, and for the most part it hasn’t been completely terrible. The worst thing I’ve done so far was accidentally piss off my gym teacher’s wife. Basically, it was my first day working the counter and she ordered a caramel frappe, which I completely forgot about while trying to keep up with the dozens of other impatient customers in line. Let’s just say, she has a bit of a temper.

Besides angry gym teacher’s wives, my main problem at work seems to be ice cream cones. They are so much harder to make than they look, to me at least. The sheer amount of ice cream I’ve wasted due to botched attempts would make a little kid cry. Also, my experience on the drive-thru was nothing short of a nightmare. It was my second full day on the job, I barely knew what to do, the headset I was given was broken (and I didn’t know it was broken, so apparently people were giving me orders that I never even heard) and my boss was yelling at me to do things in an extremely thick accent the whole time. After fifteen minutes or so, I was taken off the drive-thru and reassigned to cashier. Not sure why.

On the bright side, yesterday I managed to go four full hours without embarrassing myself. I figured out where almost everything was on the menu, I understood how to make the coffee and the ice cream machine was broken so I never had to make any cones. Of course, tomorrow it will probably be fixed and all hell will break loose, but that’s in the future so I don’t really care.

In other news, I am afraid of my AP English teacher. Not because he’s a mean guy—far from it—but because of his eyes. He has full on crazy eyes, combined with a face eerily similar to Jack Nicholson’s from The Shining. He seems like someone who had three wives die from falling down the same set of stairs. Except I should probably put quotation marks around “falling” just to make it clear that they did not fall. He doesn’t give a lot of homework though, so he’s still good in my book.

In other news:

  • I’ve learned how to juggle.
  • I tried crab meat for the first time, and I loved it more than any other food in the world. Then I ended up eating too much of it at once, and now the very smell of it makes me want to vomit. Crab meat is awful now.
  • I did a collaborative review for the Doctor Who episode Listen, on Engie’s blog. You could also check out all the other reviews here, because they’re fantastic.

To end this post, here’s a picture of a frog I drew. Feel free to give it a name.

wpid-wp-1411784898624.jpg*Except, of course, for all the Australians currently reading this. You guys are great. *laughs nervously*


16 thoughts on “Hey, How’s It Going?

  1. Yikes! Your experience at McDonald’s doesn’t sound so good, though I can’t say I’m surprised. The benefit of working a crappy job like that (I worked at Target for over 2 years) is that you’ll never be rude to anyone working in the service industry again. Not that you were, but now I cringe whenever someone gets mad at a waiter, etc.

  2. Oh man, you get up to so much when you’re not blogging! As for your english teacher- it’s most likely to his advantage.
    “Thinking about skipping that important homework I set you?” -looks at the photo of his wife on his desk and back at you with a crazy grin, in suggestion that you will ‘end up like her’. -is he referring to being married? Or having a photo of you on his desk? ‘Falling’ down some stairs? Who knows. You’re definitely doing that homework, however.
    Also, (about the drawing) Alberton James. He’s going to be one of those people with a first name for their surname and a surname for his first name. Like my old maths teacher: Macdonald Frederick.
    Okay! I’ve rambled way too much-a fine day to you sir! 😀

    1. Heehee, perhaps. It’s certainly a clever teaching method. I should try it out one day if I ever become an English teacher.

      Alberton James, eh? I like it. I’m thinking about setting up a poll for people to vote on the names given (only two so far).

  3. Hmmm …. Let’s just say that you need to keep up the nervous laughter to keep me happy! Don’t like getting ‘screwed’ because of a stupid movie starring dumb Americans!!!!!

  4. A bit odd, but you can almost practically talk about anything and it’d make my day. Really love your voice (well not your actual one since I haven’t heard it before, but you know what I mean). I hope your job gets better! And, my AP literature teacher is pretty similar to yours…generally nice, but a bit scary. He hits our desks with hammers which literally scare the heck out of me but he’s a pretty cool guy otherwise. As for the frog, Crunchy? (from the Monty Python Cruncy Frog sketch.)

    1. Why thank you. 🙂 I feel like all AP English teachers are similar. I guess only people with certain personality types are attracted to the job.

      I like it. I’m going to include it in a poll in my next post, where I’ll have my readers vote on their favorite name.

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