In which I Answer a Couple Questions


So the Legendary Miko nominated me for this award, and even said, “You better do this, mister haven’t-posted-that-much-since-summer-hit,” which made me think, “Eh, fair enough.” And here we are. Since I know no one’s really interested in Sunshine Awards (is it bad that the first thing I do is look to see if I got nominated?) I retitled the post and included a picture from Finding Nemo in order to draw y’all in.

So, now to answer the questions:

1) Someone’s hitchhiking on the road. Would you stop and give them a lift or keep driving?

It depends on several factors, such as A: The time, and B: the age of said hitchhiker.

See, if this took place at night (unlikely, since I only have a driver’s permit and am thus unable to drive after sunset), I would not pick any stranger up, because y’know, vampires. And if the hitchhiker was only, say, four years old, then yes I would definitely give him/her a lift, because four year olds should not be walking down roads at night without at least having parental supervision.

2) Would you rather have the ability to heal people or the ability to read minds?

Would I also be able to heal myself? Either way, I choose the former. If I could read minds, I wouldn’t be able to stop reading minds, and then I’ll learn things about certain people that I never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever  wanted to know.

3) In a fighting match between a chinchilla and a turtle, who would win and why?

The chinchilla, because everybody knows that turtles are pacifists. Although I suppose the turtle would have the moral high-ground, so in a way it would be the true winner.

4) Milkshake or Float?

Why not both?

5) Why do you blog?

I started blogging because I liked writing and I thought it would be fun, and I kept blogging because of all the great people I met with the same interests that I had. Do you have any idea how many Game of Thrones fans I talk to regularly in real life? Four. And one of those is me.

Now, time for my question: (Warning, I chose some deep ones.)

  1. Does nature shape our personalities more than nurture?
  2. Who decides what morality is?
  3. When does consciousness begin?
  4. What is time?
  5. What is true happiness?

Good luck answering those questions, nominees. I hereby nominate everyone who reads this blog.

Yes that includes you.

Yes you.

Good luck answering those questions.


10 thoughts on “In which I Answer a Couple Questions

    1. Feel free to answer them in your own post, but that may seem a tad bit repetitive. (Although, you could nominate the same people all over again just to piss them off. Excluding me, of course.)

  1. … I should have learned by now that you rope everyone who reads your blog into doing these sorts of things. I should have.

    But instead, I read your questions, thought to myself “I wonder what suckers are going to get stuck with THOSE,” and then glared at the screen when I realized you’d just pointed at me.

    Stop that.

  2. All of your questions make me feel like I’m in my anthropology summer school again. The debate never ends xD
    Loved the answers. A nod of approval to the turtle.

  3. But floats don’t bring any boys to the yard! :O

    Rats! I was going to give you this award, I got it from someone the other day… oh well, maybe I’ll still nominate you anyway? 😛

  4. Hello there! I was wondering if you’d be interested in writing collaborative reviews of the new series of Doctor Who. In other words, we would pick one episode and co-author a post. I thought writing with other Whovian bloggers might be a nice change from my usual blogging-by-myself routine! 🙂
    If you’re interested, more info can be found right here —>
    Thank you!

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