• I always vote once on the More Than I Can Chew polls. I can’t help it.
  • A few posts ago, I lied about being Sherlock Holmes. Seriously, I’m not him.
  • Whenever I see someone reading a book in public, or simply carrying it, I always try to find out the title without being too obvious. If the book is a favorite of mine, I’ll immediately start to like the person more.
  • I’m addicted to cough drops. I’ve had about five today and I don’t even have a cold. Should I see help? Nah, I can stop anytime I want. Not that I’d want to…
  • I’m secretly attracted to cheese.
  • I’m not interested in reading Divergent, unlike everyone else in the galaxy. Sure, I read the first two chapters, but I wasn’t really intrigued enough to keep going, (though I’m sure I’ll end up reading the whole series because, y’know, peer pressure). My main reason is that the whole premise just seems stupid. A society where people are divided by their personalities, of which you could only pick one despite the fact that people are naturally much more complex than that? With books like The Hunger Games and The Giver, you can at least see the reasoning behind the society’s structure. But here, it’s like whoever came up with this new system was asking for a revolution. (Although it would be awesome if that was revealed to be the case.)
  • I’m lying about at least one of these confessions.
  • I secretly wish I could host the TCWT blog chain for a month, even though, at the moment, I can’t come up with a decent prompt.
  • I take way too much pride at the fact that if you google “TCWT,” my blog is the fourth link to show up.
  • I’ve been working on a “Fifteen Rants in Less than 1,000 Words” sequel for months now and I’m not even close to done. The problem is, I keep coming up with rants inside my own head while I’m mowing the lawn or taking the test. Situations where I can’t write them down, and then I forget them ten minutes later. It’s a little frustrating when the only thing I can remember about an idea was that it was really good.
  • This post was written because I couldn’t think of anything else. That doesn’t make it any less amazing, however.
  • Here’s a picture of a cat.


18 thoughts on “Confessions

  1. I agree with Divergent. But then again, I refuse to read Twilight (couldn’t get past 5 sentences) and Harry Potter (at the time I learned of it, the series was not finished)…

    1. You haven’t read Harry Potter?! Looks like you are no longer allowed to stalk me. I prefer my stalkers to be well-read. (#kidding)

      And yes, that cat is fabulous. She gets that from me.

      1. Yeah…by the time the series was finished, everyone just kind of told me what happened, and the movies came out and’s just not going to happen. Me ever reading Harry Potter, that is.


        I thought you get it from the cat?

  2. I have read Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant. I think these books are more cohesive and more believable than The Hunger Games. (sorry Suzanne Collins.) I think Veronica Roth is the superior writer and you do find out about the history along the way. Think about how hard it is to make up a futuristic/dystopian setting – pretty hard but she backs it up well. Still if you don’t want to read them – it’s your prerogative!

    1. I actually thought that ‘The Hunger Games’ was extremely well written. Also, after her, a lot of authors started using the same base for their plots with the whole divided society thing.

    2. You make a good case, but i hear Allegiant is extremely depressing and I’m not sure I want to put myself through any pain. (Then again, so was Mockingjay..)

      1. Yes I think the thing about a ‘series’ is that they have to be put out within a relatively short space of time and that’s difficult if you’re the writer and haven’t written them yet. People get bored and Allegiant certainly goes on about genetic damage quite a bit. Each to their own!

  3. Ahem. “I take way too much pride at the fact that if you Google ‘TCWT,’ my blog is the fourth link to show up.” I tried this. My computer puts you seventh – that’s still pretty impressive! (It puts maralaurey at fourth, in case you’re wondering.) But then, I set my browser to always bring Star Wars related links up first (saves so much time when I’m Googling, say, clones, ’cause I don’t have to wade through Dolly the Sheep to get what I need) so maybe it’s gone a little neurotic anyhow.

    1. Google lied to me! I looked it up again on a different browser and sure enough, it came up seventh like you said. Perhaps Google Chrome is used to me looking at my own blog, so it changed the results a bit.

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