7 Interesting Facts About Myself

I was awarded The Versatile Blog Award by The Legendary Miko yesterday, in what may or may not have been just a sneaky attempt to find out more about me. Anywho, I am flattered, and am willing to comply.

This doesn’t mean that I’m already out of post ideas, by the way. I have a good fifty posts floating around my head right now. The problem is, twelve of them are sick with the flu, seven of them are racists and the rest are playing a rather racy game of truth-or-dare, so it’s taking a while to sort them all out. Until then, you will all get the privilege of learning more about me through this post.

The rules you can find on Miko’s blog (link above). I won’t be nominating anyone and I won’t be including the picture, because I’m doing this on my phone and that would be really hard to do.

7 Interesting Facts About Myself:

1) My favorite food is shrimp. I’m not sure if it’s just because of the taste (amazing) or because of how infrequently I get to have it (annoying). I guess I just want what I can’t have, and 99% of the time, I simply can’t have shrimp. But whenever I’m at a party and I see shrimp being served, I waste no time in eating as much of it as I can without being rude. I really want some shrimp right now…

2) Scrubs is my favorite comedy show ever. Sure, it declined in quality in the later series, and let’s not even talk about season 9, but for the first four or five seasons it was the perfect blend of comedy, drama, nice music and character development. The perfect sitcom (though I wouldn’t call it a sitcom).

3)I was afraid of the ocean until I was about ten years old. In my defense, my experience with beaches, even the weird ones with no waves, have never been pleasant. It didn’t help that my parents decided to show us Jaws right before going. (Really dad? What the hell?)

4) Coincidentally, the day I got over my fear of the ocean was the same day several of my cousins and I almost drowned due to a pesky undertow and a couple of unobservant lifeguards.The tide/current/whatever was pulling us away from the beach, and there wasn’t much we could do about it, except wave to the lifeguards, who were too busy reading The Davinci Code to be paying attention. Not that I blame them. That book was quite the page-turner.

5) Also, I should add that the fact that I almost drowned absolutely nothing to make me fear the ocean again. Riding the waves is just that fun. Besides, drowning to death is supposedly one of the least painful ways to go. Though the coolest way to die would have to be from getting slapped by a continent-sized mechanical hand. I believe the U.S.military is working on that right now.

6) Speaking of drowning, my father has been involved in a family curse. His name is [name withheld], and everyone in his family with that name ended up drowning to death. Seriously, every single one. Of course, no one bothered to let his parents in on this particular piece of information, otherwise I doubt they would have given him that name.

Anyway, a couple decades ago he was on a sinking ship (I think one passenger drowned) and didn’t drown, so we like to think he broke the curse. *fingers crossed*

7) I am Sherlock Holmes.


5 thoughts on “7 Interesting Facts About Myself

  1. I like how every single one oft hose had to do with water…
    Except for the last one. Unless that one does too and I just don’t exactly remember any instance in which it does

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