My Journey Begins… Again

Hey, remember how I did that NaBloPoMo experiment way back last November? Well as it turned out, it didn’t end badly; I didn’t miss a single day, I got Freshly Pressed, and gained about eight hundred followers in just one month. So yes, I will be doing it again.

Except I can’t call it NaBloPoMo, because it’s not actually National Blog Posting Month, so instead I’ll call it a 30 Day Blogging Challenge, and I remain optimistic about my odds of success.

Hold on, how many days are in May?

*quickly checks calendar*

Oh, no. Thirty-one. The odds have just lowered significantly.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried a writing experiment for that long before. It’s always just been thirty days long, no more, no less. Looks like I’ll have to call it a Thirty-One Day Blogging Challenge from now on. It may not seem like a big deal, but one day could make a huge difference; I could die from a chronic nosebleed, or get a concussion, or The Legendary Miko could successfully kidnap me. I’m not sure I could continue posting if any of those things happened. However, I must still try, because I believe it was George Washington who said, “Those who back down from a blogging challenge are cowards!” Or maybe that was Roosevelt…

Still, excuse me while I look back at this post, in which I declared my goal for NaBloPoMo, with absolutely no knowledge as to what would happen next.

My stats have never gotten back to the height they were in May, when I was posting at least once every three days. I miss those days. And it’s a bit humiliating for all the other months, having to live in May’s shadow.

Well, now the months all have to live in November‘s shadow, including last May, and it’s very humiliating for them as well. I hope to fix this a little.

Something about fate.

Something about fate indeed. Maybe it wasn’t fate, but I know that if I hadn’t tried NaBloPoMo, I never would’ve have been inspired to write my long-titled Freshly Pressed post, How to Be a Teen Writer Without Making Me Want to Punch You in the Face. My inspiration for it came when I read a comment where a teen blogger said something along the lines of, “Hey, check out my blog! I’m only fifteen so don’t be expecting anything great, but…” Not only do I have a problem with this because of the reasons stated in the post, but also because that was just one god-awful elevator pitch.

That comment was on the NaBloPoMo homepage thingy, and I never would have been scrolling through it if I hadn’t been participating.

There’s a large chance I will look back at this post a month from now and hang my head in shame. There’s a chance the work overload will cause some sort of mental breakdown, which will lead to me entering some sort of fugue state, and the next thing I know I’ll wake up in some stranger’s windowless basement, handcuffed to the furnace.

This actually did end up happening. Moving on…

Hopefully I’ll succeed (the odds are slim, I know) and whenever someone mentions NaBloPoMo I will hold my head up high and proudly say, “I did that once.”

*Holds head up high* NaBloPoMo? I did that once.


21 thoughts on “My Journey Begins… Again

    1. Why do anything when you could just read my blog instead? Nah but don’t worry, I’ll keep my posts short and to the point. I’ll also hire people to kidnap you and shut you in a room with nothing but a desk and all your school notes and textbooks for the next three weeks, assuming you’re okay with that.

      1. They’ll be my tidbits of the outside world. My tiny means of temporary escape. I’m kind of already doing that to myself, but with extra help, I could put more energy to actually studying. So am I okay with that? By all means! Just don’t tell me who these people are – I might attack them out of instinctual habits

      2. It’s the fries guy isn’t it? I knew the cashier was staring a bit to intently at my chest. I thought it was because a button had accidentally come undone, but it could have very well been that….

      3. Perhaps, but perhaps it isn’t. Also, fries guy?!?! Get back in your room and study!

        (Unless you happen to have someone selling fries in your room with you. That’s just awesome.)

      4. I got hungry! I blame it being walking distance.

        I am studying…(that’s a lie). I start studying in two hours up until sunday late evening. Then first half of two exams…

      5. You can’t wing essays though. Not when they ask about the effects of foreign intervention on civil wars in two different regions of the world. Multiple choice is now nothing but a dream. Everything is essays! Our exams are technically called PAPERS! *sob*

      6. Sure you can, just use a lot of adverbs and quotations to cover up your lack of knowledge in the subject. I got a 95 by doing this on an essay i didn’t even know I was going to have.

        Of course, I failed all the other times…

      7. Oh, how I wish BS could actually help.. Unfortunately, those who grade these (and we never know who they are as the exams are sent all over the world to be graded) are actually really educated in the subject matters… soooooooo we have to know D:

        The failing on everything else worries me….

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