I Don’t Care What Rowling Says, Ron and Hermione were Meant for Each Other!

Hermione and Ron getting it on.

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I know, I’m a little late here, but you should still hear me out.

A little while back, J.K. Rowling stated that she regrets having Ron and Hermione end up together. And, strangely enough, other people are actually agreeing with her!




Those are the questions going through my head as I heard about this.

So Rermione was not originally supposed to be a thing? Bah humbug, I say. They fit together like a plug to a socket, a pea to a carrot, an Eleanor to a Park. What J.K. Rowling is saying here is nothing short of blasphemy and she should be drawn and quartered for it.


Hermione kept Ron in line, making sure he didn’t slack off or do something stupid, while Ron stopped her from getting too bossy and uptight. Sure, the two of them will probably be the type of couple that argues a lot, and they’ll almost definitely be in need of a marriage counselor at some point, but in the end they still love each other. At the very least, they’ll stay together until Ron’s midlife crisis, where he finds out he has cancer and starts a meth business to pay for his hospital bills. And even that won’t completely break them apart.

Besides, if Rowling’s going to rethink any pairing she made in the series, it should be Harry and Ginny. There’s a reason why Dan Bergstein compares Ginny Weasley to a lamp: she’s a boring character, who’s main reason for existing is so Harry could marry her and not spend the rest of his life pathetically hanging around Hogsmeade, telling everyone he could find: “Hey, remember me? I’m the boy who lived! I killed Voldemort and everything. Hey… guys? Why are you walking away?” and I guess she works. Dullness aside, I would be mostly okay with the two of them falling in love and making babies, if not for a certain someone who is a much better match for Harry: Luna Lovegood.

Some other reasons why Ron and Hermione definitely should’ve ended up together:

  • Because Hermione paired up with Harry would just be boring and predictable.
  • It’s been obvious that Ron had feelings for Hermione ever since the Yule Ball, and probably even before.
  • If the two of them settle down and have kids, it would make a great family sitcom. It has all the elements: a dopey father, and smart, nagging wife, and the oldest son could be a trouble maker, the middle child (daughter) could be the intelligent, goodie-two shoes one, and the youngest one can be a baby, if just for the audience to go “aww” whenever s/he shows up on screen.
  • If they didn’t fall in love, that gif above never would’ve happened.

14 thoughts on “I Don’t Care What Rowling Says, Ron and Hermione were Meant for Each Other!

  1. I always liked the activity and warmth going on in the Weasley household and I agree that Hermione would definitely benefit from being amongst the magic. 🙂 When did J.K say this?

  2. He he, I totally agree with everything you just said. 🙂 (And I loved your “Eleanor to a Park” comparison.) Hermione and Ron work. They are a much better pairing than Hermione/Harry or Harry/Ginny. I don’t really get the Harry/Ginny pairing. There was no chemistry (especially on screen). Heck, Bill and Fleur were a better couple than those two. Something I would’ve loved to see is Neville and Luna getting together. 🙂 Now THAT would’ve been interesting.

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