The Walking Dead Season 4b: Hopes and Predictions

I’m sure this post will alienate a lot of my readers because not a lot of them appear to be fans of The Walking Dead. In this part of the blogging world, Doctor Who and Sherlock** seem to be where it’s at. I do have at least three followers who do like TWD, however, so at the very least I should get a comment or two.

If you haven’t watched the last three and a half seasons of The Walking Dead, and plan to, I suggest you click away, preferably to this page, because shameless self-promotion is the way I roll.

I will look back, because I am a rebel.

So here’s what I know about season 4b so far:

  • The first episode will be heavily centered around Carl. I hope he doesn’t talk throughout the entire episode. I think Chandler Riggs is a great actor—when he’s not talking. When he’s keeping his mouth shut I think, “Man that’s a pretty badass kid. Killed his own mother, no big deal.” But once words start awkwardly sputtering from his mouth I think “Someone kill it with fire!” Okay, Carl’s been great so far this year and the actor’s certainly competent in the roll, but I keep expecting him to say something cringe-worthy like, “Dad, I’m not a kid anymore!” which seems to be the number one thing annoying kids say in TV shows.
  • Michonne will show even more emotion this season than she ever did before. Not sure how this is possible, considering the wide variety of facial expressions she made in season 3 (ranging from “extremely pissed off” to “slightly less pissed off,”) but I can’t wait to see it.
  • It’s supposedly going to be the best half season yet. Of course, they say that every year, but I’m willing to believe them this time.

Here are some my hopes/predictions from these next eight episodes.

  • The pace will speed up a bit. I loved the first half of season 4; two of my favorite episodes (The Internment and Too Far Gone) aired then, but I felt like the pace in certain episodes were too slow for its own good. I was okay with this, considering that it made just about all the characters more three-dimensional than they’ve ever been so far. But I hope the pace increases just like it did in the second half of season two.
  • I hope the show develops a kind of Game of Thrones–like feel to it. Where each episode follows the characters in different situations that occasionally intertwine. They will all only meet up some time in the last two or three episodes.
  • I kind of hope Morgan never comes back. He’s like The Weeping Angels—the more we see him, the less effective he’ll get. I assume.
  • I want Glenn and Maggie to stay apart for a long time. I like Glenn, and I like Maggie, but I’m getting tired of Glaggie. The two of them have gotten boring over the last season or so.
  • I hope Beth gets some time to exercise her singing voice over the next few episodes. She has the diaphragm of an angel.
  • I hope Judith is really dead. As harsh as this sounds, having to carry a baby around on an open road in the middle of a zombie apocalypse is too much of a burden, and the show will probably suffer for it.
  • I think the characters most likely to die are Glenn, Bob the Alcoholic, one of the two survivors from the Governor’s army, and Tyreese’s sister. Everyone but Rick, Carl, and Daryl are at risk as usual.
  • Carol returns, and hooks up with an unknowing Tyreese, who falls in love with her. Seeing how happy Tyreese is with her, Rick and Daryl decide not to tell him about the whole “killing your girlfriend” thing.
  • I was kidding about that last one, but I would mind if it actually happened.

**Sherlock season 3 was wonderful, by the way.


8 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Season 4b: Hopes and Predictions

    1. Me too. I really liked what they did with her this season. Before she didn’t really seem to add anything, but now she’s probably one of the most interesting characters in the show.

  1. I just finished watching the premier …. I’m curious to know your thoughts on it after you watch it. I won’t comment on it just yet (I don’t want to spoil it for you)

    1. I liked it. Carl wasn’t nearly as annoying as I expected him to be, and Michonne’s storyline was great. I’m glad we got to see some of her backstory.

      What did you think of it?

      1. hmmm I didn’t like the episode :/ I felt like it was a combination of Carl & commercials every 3 minutes. I liked that they gave us a little back story on Michonne but the episode left a lot to be desired for me.

        I heavily contributed to the hashtag #killcarl on twitter, i’m not proud of it lol

  2. Yeah! Sorry I’m late commenting on this post. I just discovered that I can watch TWD via Comcast, which is awesome. No more scrounging around looking for a link.

    Carl. Oh, Carl. Believe it or not, he’s a lot more annoying in the book. He’s the perpetually annoying kid who doesn’t. grow. up. In spite of the fact that time is obviously passing by. The whole Rick-is-sick and protest-kill walkers-cry sequence was way worse in the start of Compendium 2 of the comic. The comic is INSANELY dark. I wonder whether AMC will have the guts to put some of those plot developments on air. Really. I am not exaggerating when I say it is dark. The show is less sexist than the comic though, which is nice.

    1. I’ve just read the first volume of the comics yesterday, and so far I like comic Carl. (Then again, I thought TV Carl was alright until the second season.) I didn’t expect him to kill Shane, and definitely not as soon as the first volume.

      I’ve heard The tv version of the Governor is a saint compared to the comics, and I’m a little disappointed we didn’t get to see that.

      1. Yes, the TV version of the Governor IS a saint compared to the one in the comics. Many of his darker activities were simply eliminated. Though I thought the decision to make him a sort of Southern-gentleman-turned-dictator was an interesting one, and well done in the context of the TV show.

        I’m hoping to finish Compendium 2 soon and then do a big write-up on my blog comparing the TV series & the comic. Hoping!

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