Sherlock Season 3 Predictions:

For those not lucky enough to be living in the UK, the first episode of Sherlock season 3 (The Empty Hearse) airs today on PBS, at exactly 9:58 PM. It’s a strange time to start an episode (why not wait two minutes?) but I don’t mind.

The rules for this post is: NO SPOILERS! And when I say no spoilers, I mean you’re not allowed to confirm my predictions until the end of the season. If you do, you will unleash a fury that not even the devil himself could contain.

Also, I’m assuming that anyone reading this has already seen the first two seasons (series?), so if you haven’t, and plan to watch it some time soon, then get away from this post as soon as possible.  If you’re in the mood for some high-brow literature, maybe you could click here and read the interactive story I’m working on,

Anyway, here they are:

  • John is understandably upset about Sherlock faking his death. I can imagine how the scene would go: first John is shocked, then he’s happy(?), then furious, and finally he accepts the whole thing and everything goes back to normal. Hopefully.

Oh, and by the way, there better be a good reason for Sherlock waiting TWO FULL YEARS to finally tell John he’s still alive. Seriously Sherlock? At least send a post card or something.

  • While I can’t say I blame Sally Donovan for suspecting Sherlock (I probably would too, if put in the same situation), she’s probably going to feel horrible about contributing to his suicide. And I bet the journalist girl is going to be a little bit upset as well. Maybe they’ll all share a group hug and everything will be forgiven.
  • My earlier prediction about Sherlock being in a tesselecta suit during The Reichenbach Fall will be disproven.
  • Sherlock was one step ahead of Moriarty the whole time. And he escaped with the help of both Mycroft and Molly, and whoever that biker guy was.
  • The biker guy somehow sprayed the fear gas from The Hounds of Baskerville onto John when he bumped into him, so when John saw Sherlock he only saw what he was afraid to see, which was Sherlock dead. The body was actually a similar looking one with fake blood on it/him.
  • John will have grown a mustache out of mourning, and will finally shave after Sherlock makes fun of him for the hundredth time.
  • Mary will die, either in this season or the next. I’m saying this because if I’m not mistaken, John’s wife in the original stories ended up dying somehow. (I admit, I’ve only read A Study in Scarlet. I’ll get around to the other books sooner or later.)
  • John confesses that he is in love with Sherlock. Mary is oddly okay with this.
  • The first and last episodes will be amazing, while the middle episode will be somewhat forgettable. Then again, The Sign of Three is written by Stephen Moffat, who is many things, but not forgettable, so hopefully I’m wrong here. (Edit: as it turns out, The Sign of Three is actually written by Steve Thompson,)
  • A lot of the first episode is spent getting everything back to the way it originally was. Hopefully, John will return to 221B Baker Street with Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock will go back to solving crimes, and Moriarty isn’t really dead.

I seriously hope Moriarty stays dead though, because 1) There’s no way (that isn’t contrived) he could have survived that gun shot, and 2) It would just make the ending to The Reichenbach Fall seem pointless.

Well, those are all my predictions. For those who’ve seen it already, feel free to laugh at how wrong they are.


23 thoughts on “Sherlock Season 3 Predictions:

  1. I remember life before Sherlock season 3…It’s like they read all the tumblr fanfiction and picked their favorite ones. And i love that. 🙂

    1. I bet that’s frustrating. Although I’m sure most of these predictions will be proven wrong by the end of tonight.

      Also, I don’t remember if I told you, but you were the author of the 1,500th comment a while back, which means you’re allowed to write a guest post for this blog if you wan’t.

  2. Wait, what? Isn’t Sherlock already released? Or is that just in the UK? ‘Cause I’ve seen spoilers all over tumblr, and I can tell you some of those predictions are waaaaay off. xD

    Anyway. I do like the one about John confessing his love to Sherlock.

    1. It was, but not in the United States, although I’m sure I could illegally download the episodes somewhere.

      While I am generally against love triangles, I wouldn’t mind a Mary-John-Sherlock one.

      1. Ah. Yes. Probably.

        Hmmm. That would be neat. Probably not gonna happen, but that wouldn’t be nearly as pointless as most of the love triangles I’ve seen.

  3. I shall also say nothing about your predictions… but I’ll say this: the first two are good, but if they disappoint you, don’t worry. The third is back to wonderful, nail-biting, feels-worthy form

    1. I watched the first one last night, and it was wonderful. Maybe it wasn’t the best, but it was easily the funniest episode yet.

      So if I liked this episode, I’ll probably love the third one.

      1. I’ll just take Sherlock’s word for it. Or maybe I’ll just believe the girl in Anderson’s fan club’s theory, because I think she’s on to something.

      2. I think Anderson was close with that first theory… Except the part about Sherlock crashing through the window. Obviously, Molly opened it for him. But everything else was spot on.

      3. I’ve heard that, on the DVD, there is an interview with Moffat that says that the theory that Sherlock told Anderson is the real one.
        However, I much prefer to think that the goth in the fan club is right.

  4. So I finally started watching Sherlock. I just finished The Blind Banker and my god, John and Sherlock are totally in love with each other. I thought people exaggerated the gayness in this show. xD

    Also aaaaaah Martin Freeman is perfect as John yesssss. Not quite sure yet what I think about Cumberbatch as Sherlock, but Freeman is perfectly bumbling and dorky.

    1. Their love for each other becomes more and more obvious with each episode—though I still ship Sherlock and Moriarty (who I’m sure you’ve seen on tumblr). Their couple name is Sherliarty.

      I like how you appreciate Freeman’s acting. Most people go on and on about Cumberbatch, but Martin Freeman doesn’t seem to get any credit. Even though he’s just as good.

      (And he’s very short, which I only just noticed in The Sign of Three.)

    2. Indeed. I finally know the context of the pool scene. And… well, there’s a ton of GIFs floating around that made me giggle because when I saw them in the show I was like, “Oh. THAT’S where they’re from.”
      I am so confused, though. My idea of Sherlock is rather garbled from tumblr, I thought Irene Adler was Moriarty (I think I’m confusing her with Elementary’s Irene).
      Anyway, now that you mention it, I can totally see Sherliarty.

      Yep. I just think… every hero (even if Sherlock says he’s not/wouldn’t be one) needs a sidekick and they need to be appropriately… sidekick-ish. I don’t know. Helpful yet dorky? Loyal? And Freeman does a wonderful job with that.

      He IS very short. That’s why he’s such a lovely hobbit.

      Aaaah what am I going to do when I watch season three. John gets married and I think Sherlock is dating someone?? Molly? No. Do not want.

      1. Yeah, Irene Adler was Moriarty on Elementary (I don’t watch the show, but that plot point was spoiled for me), Don’t worry, I’ve only gotten up to the second episode of season 3 (the last episode airs tonight!) and Sherlock and John are still best buds. John even asked Sherlock to be his best man.

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