2014: A (Mostly Optimistic) Look Ahead

At midnight, a three will turn into a four, and everyone will be complaining about the people saying ‘New year, new me,” even though no one actually says that anymore.

I’m not going to be spending my time talking about 2013, which was a great year, at least for me. (I hate overly nostalgic people who think the present sucks and the past was perfect.) Here I’ll only be focusing on 2014. There are some things I’m looking forward to, and some things I’d rather pass on. Let’s focus on the latter first.

I have ten cavities that I need to get filled in. I brush my teeth twice a day, but I guess I underestimated the value of flossing. Apparently, it’s important.

Meanwhile, my brother never flosses, drinks enough soda daily to fill up a lake, and needs to be yelled at by mom in order to brush his teeth every day. But I guess he got the Gift of Perfect Teeth for Christmas, because he doesn’t have a single cavity. Life is unfair.

I’m sure a couple bad things will happen to me next year, but I can’t really think of anything expected. The only thing I could complain about is that I have to go back to school again on January 2nd. The fact that I have to set an alarm clock to 11:00 AM is a testament to how hard it’s going to be to adjust back to my school schedule.

But onto the positives:

1) I’m getting HBO come January 20th. My mom sent Verizon Fios a complaint about something, and they responded with “Hey, here’s two free years of HBO!” instead of fixing the original problem. (That was not a complaint, by the way.)

2) And since there’s free HBO, that means I can go back to watching the adaptation of A Game of Thrones. I just finished the second book of the series and it’s amazing, although I have to take a break between each one because they’re so dark and depressing. The Restaurant at the End of the Universe is next.

The show, from the first season I watched of it, was a great show, although it did have a tendency to include gratuitous sexual content that doesn’t even serve the story. (Also not a complaint.) It stayed more faithful to the first book than any other movie/TV adaptation I’ve ever seen.

3) I also have a kindle now, which means I now have unlimited access to just about any book I want. Paper books are cool and all (I like the texture) but eBooks are much more convenient. To demonstrate, I took a picture.

Over 4,000 pages could fit in a tiny kindle.

4) I’m making a goal for myself. I will be reading at least 52 books this year. Which is going to be hard because I read a lot of really long books. I’m planning to read A Storm of Swords (1,216 pages), A Feast for Crows (1,104 pages), A Dance with Dragons (1,152 pages), Wizard and Glass (752 pages), Wolves of the Calla (960 pages), The Dark Tower (1072 pages), War and Peace (1298 pages) and Les Miserablés (960 pages). Most of these will take me longer than a week. But they seem interesting, so… yeah.

7) Sherlock series 3 is coming back this year. Tomorrow, for those jerks in the U.K. (I didn’t mean that; I’m just jealous.)

8) Did I ever tell you about how I love snowboarding? Because I’m basically the next Shaun White, except not at all. Going snowboarding was the high point of my last winter, (besides starting a blog that people actually read), partly because snowboarding is fun, but mostly because of the waffles.

Picture the best waffle you’ve ever had. Now picture the same thing, except with chocolate poured over it. Those were the waffles they served up in Vermont. Is your mouth watering? Good.

Some other things I have to look forward to.

  • The chances of us making contact with aliens are slightly higher than they were this year, although I’m not sure if this is a good thing.
  • The Walking Dead comes back this February. Also, if there’s any Walking Dead fans reading this who want to have a super long discussion about the show, comment here.
  • The chance of me dying a horrible death are roughly the same as they were last year.

Happy New Year, everyone!


17 thoughts on “2014: A (Mostly Optimistic) Look Ahead

    1. Who doesn’t? (Weird people, that’s who.)

      To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes for the fourth season. While I liked season 3 (the first half, mostly) I thought it ended on the worst note possible, but I loved this season so far. Internment and Too Far Gone would probably make it in my top five TWD episodes list, if I ever bothered to make one.

  1. I’m starting A Dance with Dragons soon!!! Right after I finish my current book (Iron House)!! Happy New Year!! (This comment has a large number of exclamation points and terrible sentence structure!!!!!!)

  2. Ummmm who is the Hank that John Green is constantly addressing in his vids? I’ve only read Looking for Alaska but I don’t follow him on anything else … confused wannabe fan here 😛

    I always feel super ashamed when I’m around e-book haters. I used to be one, but living in Armenia makes it incredibly hard to get English language (or any language, for that matter) books sent to you. Amazon shipping takes three weeks and the book sometimes comes damaged, plus the shipping is a third of the original price of the item. Thank you for understanding the efficiency>self righteousness. If I read the Kindle version of a book that I really love, though, I will be tempted to go out and buy the paperback (because the book deserves being read that way).

    You’ve beaten me on Game of Thrones! I finished the first book six months after I started it. I am now banning myself from watching the tv show till I am caught up with the book first. And I’ve been wondering when Sherlock comes back, yay 😀 And woohoo for The Walking Dead, only five-ish weeks left till February 9th. Who’s your favourite character?

    Sorry for the incredibly long comment. It’s been a while since I’ve met someone with similar interests. Need for discussion is overwhelming.

    Take care,

      1. Oh thanks 😀

        Oh man ok I get bombarded for this but here goes confessions: My favourite was Laurie. I liked the way she yelled at Andrea (last ep of season 3 was a happy one for me) and stood by her husband as a leader, at least in the beginning. Hated her in Season 3. At one point it was Daryl, now I’m really into Glen.

      2. I always thought Lori didn’t deserve the hate fans had for her, except for two instances: the first being when she was looking at her map while driving and crashed on an empty road, and the second being the season 2 finale, when she got all mad at Rick for killing Shane, even though she pretty much told him to do it. Besides those moments, I thought she was a decent character.

        Glenn was my favorite character up until the second half of season 3. I still like him; I just think he got a bit less interesting compared to a lot of the other characters.

      3. Ah finally someone sees my point of view on it! Those were the only instances I hated her too. Other than that, she was a good wife and the mistakes she made were just human nature (not to justify cheating or anything, but it was the apocalypse). I figured I really liked Glenn when I was scared they’d kill him off once he got sick

      4. I was really rooting for Glenn back in the first half of season 3 when Merle was interrogating him. During the third season, Glenn and Maggie were easily my favorite two characters.

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