Just So I Don’t Lose NaBloPoMo

Hi,  sorry for the short post. Today has been a frustrating day; I have a great idea for post but have no time write it.

And it’s even worse that phone keyboards are horrible. There’s the annoying auto correct that makes words like NaBloPoMo really hard to type it (it took me about a minute to type that), and the fact that each key is much smaller than the average human thumb.

So I leave you guys with one question: Coke Or Pepsi?


12 thoughts on “Just So I Don’t Lose NaBloPoMo

  1. Neither, the carbonation in the drinks hurt my mouth. So there for I don’t drink either 🙂

    Auto correct sucks for regular words it even changes words that I mean to write into something else. Like had turned into has…. So annoying.

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