Being Freshly Pressed

Now that the increase in traffic from being FP’d has mostly come to an end, I figure now would be a great time to talk about what it was like. If I had written this two weeks ago, it would be titled “Hell yeah, bitches,” and it would just be me boasting about my boost in stats.

But now enough time has passed, and its about time I wrote a post about it.

Contrary to what I thought would happen, I didn’t just wake up to find a billion notifications on my WordPress app. I actually got an email from a WordPress editor before it was FP’d. The first part of the email is shown directly below for you all to enjoy.

I had barely gotten any sleep the night before, but this email woke me up immediately. I was suddenly a little kid again on Christmas Eve, before I found out Santa wasn’t real (that’s a funny story right there, by the way). For that entire day I kept checking my phone for any new notifications, expecting my post to show up on the Freshly Pressed page at any moment.

It was a full two days after I got the email when my post was finally FP’d, which was a huge relief since I was starting to think this was all just some really cruel joke by one of the WordPress editors. Just like that, my stats exploded, (figuratively) and I was overwhelmed with the amount of comments I received. All of them were positive (until the second day, at least) and in total I gained about four hundred subscribers. I can’t complain, but I’m going to anyway.

The only problem with being FP’d is that the traffic ultimately dies down, and you may or may not find yourself trying to return to your former glory. I’m not planning to attempt that now, but in a few months from now I could imagine being disappointed at my stats compared to what they once were. As long as my awesome (that’s right, I used that word) commenters stick around, I’ll be content.

So for the rest of this post I’ll be trying to figure out what made my post Freshly Pressable, and what I should do from now on to increase my chances of this happening again.

Well first off, this post was mostly lacking in typos. I know because the few it did have were pointed out more than a few times by lots of commenters. There was even a small debate started about the usage of affect and effect. The lesson learned here? I should probably publish posts with less typos. If you see a typo, please comment immediately pointing it out, just to save me any further embarrassment.

It should also be pointed out that I used the word “bullshit,” a word that may not seem vulgar, but it is compared to the mostly tame language I usually use here. I try to keep things PG-13 over here, but I really couldn’t care less if people (nongratuitously) curse in the comment sections.

To further show how vital this is, I made a graph.

As you can see, my amount of freshly pressed posts with the word bullshit in it is significantly higher than my amount of freshly pressed posts without it. Therefore, I should use the word more often. This may be flawed logic, but it’s the logic I’m using.

Jokes aside, the main difference is that HTBaTWWMMWtPYitF was a post that came from the heart. I didn’t care about the views, comments or likes the post got when I was writing. I just wanted to send a message to writers everywhere.

The lesson is: write what is meaningful to you. Or something like that.


23 thoughts on “Being Freshly Pressed

  1. First order of business, congratulations on being FB. I don’t know what is part of the final decision, but I am glad they did choose your post.

    Second, I for one will still be around in the months to come. Who wouldn’t want to hang our and follow the Sunshine Award winner, Dr. Who fan, and still is trying to figure out how to work pretentious in a sentence without sounding pretentious?

    Just know, if you write it, we will come….Lame, cliche movie reference there…don’t get it, oh you do but don’t find it funny….I will shut now. 🙂

    Jerry B

  2. Well, Sir, you are promoting the use of literacy Setting an example for others, including me. I have always wanted to be more of a writer. For some it comes easier than others.
    A word mechanic well on his way, you are. Enjoy the ride! From the desk of the old geezer..

      1. Thank you, My last name is the same as the playwright of dark drama.. but alas my middle name is different.. No Royalty checks for me.

  3. There’s an easy way to keep all those new followers. Visit their blogs every day and leave a comment or two on each!

    But seriously… I just had to redo my “Blogs I Like” page because a lot of the bloggers had stopped. (And when they quit blogging, they quit visiting blogs too.) And I’ve only been on WP since late May. So if your stats return to how they were, it’s not you… it’s them. It really amazes me how few people stick around for any period of time.

    1. That’s true. I try to do that as much as I can, although there’s a bunch of posts I like but I don’t know how to comment.

      And I have noticed at least a quarter of the people on my blogroll never post anymore. It’s a depressing thought.

      1. I knew you weren’t talking literally; I just thought you meant I should comment on other people’s blogs more. Although I bet I could write 800 comments if I put my mind to it.

  4. One of the key elements of your post was its universal appeal. Though it was directed to/about teen writers, it was something any writer could appreciate because it dealt with having respect for the craft of writing no matter what a writer’s age.

    It was also inspirational. It showed someone striving to attain better rather than settling for status quo.

    It incorporated a list (People really love lists. I think at least 50% of the freshly pressed things involve a list of some sort–lists are easy to follow).

    It was humorous. (Though it was a serious topic, you had moments of levity that made it delightful to read.)

    Those are just a few of my thoughts. It was quality content written with passion for the topic and persona panache.

    (I really don’t think inclusion of “bullshit” swayed the jury too much ^_-)

  5. Well some of the new traffic will stick around- me, for example. I was talking to someone about being freshly pressed, and I think he said it best: you have to write something that is so true, so obvious and insightful, that people are compelled to share it with others. I think that is what you accomplished in your post.

    A grammar note: you should have said “fewer typos,” not “less typos.” Fewer should precede plural nouns, and less should precede singular nouns. As in, “I’ve got less money but fewer dollars.” It drives me mad when they have those “10 items or less” at the checkout counter, because it should be “10 items or fewer.”

    And nice post-FP recap, btw. Most people don’t describe it in the level of detail that you did.

  6. I for one am glad that you got FPed for some selfish reasons. You did get me a few followers by letting me guest post. But mostly, I’m just glad I found another cool teen writer. Oh, and your novella was lots of fun to read.

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