Day 2 of the Blog Party

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The Blog Party has now entered its second day, and I for one couldn’t be more proud. This party easily outshines the last one I hosted, and it still has one day (and two hours, depending on your time-zone) to go.

The people who participated today are:

Tess the dancer: Ten Things I Love and Hate About YA Books.

Tiger Lily: Young and Sweet, Tell Me What to Read: YA Literature.

S: Looking for Alaska.

Pinkdoughnuts: I’m Just Going To Make This A Really Long Title Since This is Such a Long Post.

Charlotte Hall: Young Adult Blog Party: Do Authors Have a Responsibility to Their Readers?

Susannah Ailene Martin: Christian YA Books and the Peculiarity of Peretti.

Thanks to everyone who has participated so far. You were all wonderful.

And don’t forget to click on all the links above and the ones here, because there are some truly great posts. And I’m not even being paid to say this or anything.


8 thoughts on “Day 2 of the Blog Party

  1. you know, you could host a blog party like this regularly. Every weekend, maybe alternate weekend, whatever. Thanks!

    1. Perhaps, but I’m afraid I’ll run out of ideas. It took me almost a week to come up with the theme for this blog party. I’m definitely planning on doing another one of these soon, though.

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