Random Thoughts

When it comes to purchasing books, I make it a point to buy the biggest ones I could find, so I have a higher page to price ratio.
  • I should explain: this post is basically just random thoughts that pop into my head, which I then write down onto this post. It’s basically like 20 Things You Need to Know About Me, but not as good.
  • I was going to write a post about love triangles today, but then my mom walked by and for whatever reason asked me if I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble. I said yes. (Look above.)
  • It’s funny how I bought A Clash of Kings even though I’m barely half way through A Game of Thrones.
  • If anyone would like to discuss these books (or their predecessors) with me, please comment below. Keep in mind I haven’t actually read them yet, so no spoilers.
  • I have a complaint for both Stephen King and Barnes and Noble. Why is Doctor Sleep so damn expensive? With the money I was originally planning to buy it with, I was able to buy the two books shown above and still have ten dollars left. Why must we wait so long for a paperback edition?
  • This NaBloPoMo thing is hard. I’m not sure what I’m planning to do this Thanksgiving when I’ll be away from the internet for at least two days.
  • Sorry to anyone who commented on my Freshly Pressed post and still didn’t get a reply yet. I know I say its good to reply to every comment you get, but it’s taking up too much time for me that could be spent writing better posts.
  • Does anyone else hate the comments on Yahoo articles? They’re all so cynical, even the ones with a bunch of thumbs up.
  • Even worse are the ones on YouTube right now.
  • In A Song of Ice and Fire, why is Catelyn so cruel to Jon? I get that she doesn’t like him, but saying, “It should have been you,” was a step too far, and it immediately made her my least favorite character.
  • You know the guest post contest for the 1,000th commenter? Well, this blog’s rapidly approaching that number, especially since I still have a bunch of comments to respond to.
  • I was playing Call of Duty today and someone with a headset on called me a faggot. I was heartbroken.
  • Would anyone be interested in a Blog Party? I tried doing something similar a while ago when I didn’t have as many subscribers, and it failed miserably. Now I suspect it has a chance of working out a bit better. I just need to think of a good theme.
  • As much as I love (most of) Steven Moffat’s work, he needs to go. Doctor Who is all about change, and I think it should switch show-runners every four or five years. Hopefully he still writes standalone episodes afterwards though, because the ones he wrote in RTD’s era were amazing.
  • Those who don’t know much about Doctor Who or A Game of Thrones are probably very confused right now.
  • Is there any fans of The Walking Dead out there reading this? What did you think of last night’s episode? That was intense.
  • I can’t think of a clever way to end this post, so here’s a picture of a dog.

29 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

    1. That scene where Herschel breaks down crying was so sad. I think he’s become my favorite character. Then there’s Glenn, who I was so sure he’d die the moment he started coughing up blood. I’m loving this season so far.

  1. Catelyn sees her husbands infidelity when she looks at Jon — it’s not Jon that she has a problem with. Remember that Ned never even so much as admitted who it was that he loved enough to break his honor, but that’s a very difficult thing to get past for a wife — particularly since she had no agency to, say, go get divorced. She *just has to live with it*. And she’s a grieving mother who is in so, so much pain through those books. It is a cruel thing to say, but it comes out of grief. I have to cut her some slack for that. Jon’s theme is that he suffers for the sins of his father — this is another example of that.

    1. Thanks the commenting. I dislike Catelyn a lot less now, although it still seemed unnecessary at the time, especially since Jon was just leaving the scene when she stopped him to tell him that.

      I forgot how bad she had it, what with her son in a coma and her husband and daughters leaving for King’s Landing.

      1. You’re not wrong – it was unnecessary and actually quite out of character, but it was done to show her grief. (I actually thought it was kind of poor writing, because it was a stereotypical way to do it – not what we expect of the great George R. R.) Catelyn is as much about duty as Ned was, which was why they worked so well together. When she was told to, she went and married a stranger half a world away from her, who she did not love. And then she ended up with Jon, at the same time that she was pregnant with their first child. Yowza. Ouch. But this out of character moment of cruelty does come from a place of grief…and….she gets SO MUCH MORE. Catelyn is a study in suffering versus strength.

        She’s also feeling intensely guilty for what happened to Bran. It’s misplaced, but that’s not uncommon for a parent.

  2. “I can’t think of a clever way to end this post, so here’s a picture of a dog.” That is the most amazing ending ever.

  3. don’t know what a Blog Party is, but it sounds cool. I have really been enjoying The Walking Dead this season – I didn’t really like seasons 2 & 3 that much. But then they had to do the preview for next week’s episode, and I saw that the Governor will be back. Hate that character.

    1. I for the most part, liked his character last season. I just really think he should have died in last season’s finale. So far, this is my favorite season since season 1.

      A blog party (also known as a link party) is basically where everyone writes a post about a certain theme and I include everyone’s posts in a single post on my blog. If there’s any other questions, I’ll let this link explain them: http://www.serenitynowblog.com/2012/03/what-is-blog-party-how-to-blog-party.html

      1. The governor couldn’t have died. They had to do something to increase the tensions for this season. ^_- half the fun of having an execrable character is keeping him around for everyone to love hating.

  4. That’s an adorable dog. I am probably one of the biggest Doctor Who fans my side of the pond, but I’m not sure what you mean by RTD. Could you clarify? Also, blog party, that sounds like fun. Wait, what is a blog party?

  5. How far have you gotten through Wizard and Glass? The first four Dark Tower books were really amazing. Honestly, they were some of the best books I’ve ever read. The others…well, you haven’t read those yet, so I won’t say anything. I would be very curious to know what you’ll think of the conclusion to the series.

    1. Haven’t started it yet. I’m waiting till I finish A Game of Thrones until I start reading it. I loved the first three, but I’ve been told from a lot of people that books five and six aren’t as good. The final one seems to be really divisive.

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