Book Tag: Marry, Kiss, or Cliff?

[I apologize if any of the pictures are too big or awkwardly placed. I got about half of this post finished before I was kicked off my home’s computer, so about half of this post is written via phone. And on my phone I can’t change the pictures’s size.]

This idea for a post was given to me by Haley Davidson who in turn got the idea from this vlogger here.

The rules for this are, as far as I can tell, the following:

  • Link bag to the person who tagged you (I wasn’t tagged, but she did state that anyone can participate).
  • Take three books and take three main characters of the gender(s) you’re attracted to and decide which one of them you’d rather kiss, which one you’d rather marry, and which one you’d rather throw off a cliff.
  • Tag a couple other people to join in.

I believe most of us have played a game similar to this in real life; just not with fictional characters.

So let’s start off with Carrie, by Stephen King. There are a lot of main female characters in this novel, but I guess we could narrow it down to 1) Carrie White, 2) Sue Snell, 3) Chris Hargensen. I would include Margaret White, but I don’t think I’d be able to kiss or marry her without her hitting me in the head with a crucifix.

I would kiss: Carrie White, because now the chances of her killing me with her telekinetic powers are slightly lower (unless I’m really just a horrible kisser).

I would marry: Sue Snell, because she’s the only normal female character in this book. She doesn’t try to ruin anyone’s life. She doesn’t destroy her entire town, and she isn’t a crazy religious psychopath.

I would throw off a cliff: Chris Hargensen, because she’s a horrible person and wouldn’t have made it anywhere in life anyway.

Now for John Green characters. I’m not picking a single book for this. I’m picking his first three female love interests in his first three books: Alaska Young, Lindsey Lee Wells, and Margo Roth Spiegelman. I’m not choosing Hazel because that’s too many characters, and she was the main character, not the main love interest, which is what all the other three have in common.

I would kiss: Margo Roth Spiegelman, because she’s probably the best looking.

I would marry: Lindsey Lee Wells, because she seems like the most well-adjusted of all of John Green’s female characters. I won’t have to worry about her randomly disappearing or (WordPress really needs a spoiler tag).

I would throw off a cliff: Alaska Young. Not just because she’s a horrible driver, but because she’s simply too moody and inconsistent for me to handle. If I married her, she’d be all “I love you, handsome husband,” one day and the next day tell me, “I want a divorce.” Plus, her breath probably smells bad from all those cigarettes.

The three main female characters around my age in the later books in Harry Potter would be Hermione Granger, Luna Lovegood, and Ginny Weasley.

I’d kiss: Ginny, mostly just to piss off Ron.

I’d marry: Hermione, providing she’s the movie version played by Emma Watson. She also punched Malfoy in the face, which was the single greatest moment in cinematic history.

I’d throw off a cliff: Luna Lovegood. She’s cool and all, but I feel like if I had to spend more than ten minutes alone with her I’d want her dead. Too much talking of crumple-horned snorkacks for my liking.


If anyone else would like to do this, go ahead, and link back here so I know you posted it. This NaBloPoMo thing is starting to get tough.


16 thoughts on “Book Tag: Marry, Kiss, or Cliff?

  1. I love that you used Harry Potter. I relate everything in life back to Harry. Between Harry, Ron, and Draco I would kiss Ron, marry Draco, and throw Harry off a cliff. He’s too emotional for me (see book 5 for support).

    1. *ponders if there’s another word for thesaurus*

      Sorry, that was off-topic, but yes you should do this. There are characters out there who desperately need to be pushed off a cliff.

      1. I dunno. Why don’t you check the book of suggestions for alternative words? *smirks*

        I’m randomly picking books in my room. So far I landed on AGoT. Lovely. I can pick from a variety of murderous women. Oh happy day.

      2. Pffft. Nice.

        I picked it based on who narrated the chapter, so I didn’t have to do Cersei! xD ‘Cause she’s gorgeous but… psycho… yeah. *pushes her closer to the cliff*

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