Twenty More Things You Need to Know About Me

About nine months ago I wrote a post called “Twenty Things You Need to Know About Me.” It was a red bull-fueled post filled with quickly changing topics and one random outburst of a female body part that I’m not particularly proud of. It’s one of my more popular posts, so I decided to write a sequel. Keep in mind that sequels are rarely as good as its predecessor, so keep your expectations low for the rest of this post, for that is the only way you won’t be disappointed.

1) In order to keep the same tone and feel of the original post, I just drank a can of red bull, which I haven’t drank since then because it made me tired and sick and after a few hours, sad. Worth it.

2) I just checked out A Game of Thrones from my school library, but I’m not going to read it until I finish A Tale of Two Cities, a book that so far I’m mostly loving (we have to read the book in English class this year, and I could already hear my classmates’ complaints that the book sucks).

3) I cried during Finding Nemo and I’m not afraid to admit it. Just thinking about Marvin’s face when he thinks Nemo’s dead brings a tear to my eye.

4) I used to take piano lessons. I don’t anymore but I still know a couple of songs by the Beatles. I’d show you all a video of me playing, but I don’t want to blow anyone away, because that would result in serious injury.

5) I hate the font Arial. It’s an ugly, awkward looking font and it hurts my eyes just to look at. My favorite font (that’s right, I have one of those) is Calibri, followed by Times New Roman.

6) I love writing early in the morning, but I also hate waking up in the morning. Will I ever solve this conundrum of mine? No, probably not.

7) While I do hate waking up in the morning, I must say it’s a lot better than never waking up at all. Someone needs to quote me on that.

8) I’m pretty sure that a puppy sneezing is the most adorable thing in the history of ever.

9) When the U.S. government first shut down I was surprised by the lack of chaos and vandalism happening outside. I expected something like The Purge to occur.

10) I love Steven Moffat. To my eyes, Sherlock is as close to perfect as a detective show could get, and series 5/6 of Doctor Who are the best ones yet. I also think he’d write an amazing James Bond film.

11) I’m currently reading A Tale of Two Cities and am surprised by the parallels between this and The Dark Knight Rises. . Please tell me I’m not the only one to notice this.

12) Phineas and Ferb is the most underrated show in the history of mankind. Most people are like, “Oh, it’s just a kid’s show,” but it’s not. It’s better than 99% of adult shows. The only problem with it is that every episode has a boring song that’s boring and boring songs suck. You know I have a Perry the Platypus hat at home?

13) #12 is a direct quote from a character in my manuscript (I finished the first draft in April and couldn’t be more proud). She’s the main female lead, and her response to stressful situations is to talk. A lot. She’s one of my favorite characters because she ends up being the most complex.

14) From what I’ve read of A Game of Thrones, I’m surprised by how easily readable it is. If only J.R.R. Tolkien wrote like this.

15) I’m planning to write an inspiring post about how I cured my fear of roller coasters. I went from having only gone on one (small) ride in my life to going on Kingda Ka, Nitro, and Bizarro at Six Flags Great Adventure, all in one day.

16) Kingda Ka was a terrifying experience. The ride itself wasn’t so bad but the wait was excruciating. It was an hour long, and we ended up sitting in the cart for twenty minutes waiting for the guy to press the button. The whole time I was looking up at the top of the four hundred foot drop, wondering why Harry Potter didn’t marry Luna instead of Ginny.

17) I have an idea for a kind-of publicity stunt that will theoretically gain lots of traffic for my blog, and the blog of whoever goes along with it. I’ll put it into action one day when I find a perfect partner in crime. (Disclaimer: My plan involves nothing illegal being done and it should be good fun for all involved, providing no one messes up or dies in a tragic seagull accident.)

18) I miss the TCWT blog chain.

19) I suck at commenting on blogs I’m not familiar with. I want to make a short, casual comment, but I keep imagining the author thinking “Why’s he acting so casual? We don’t know each other.” Then when I try to make a long, thought out comment explaining why I love their blog, I imagine the author thinking, “Woah, holy overkill, batman! What a try-hard!” and then placing my comment in the spam section, laughing at my stupidity while doing it.

20) While I write this, it is 6:30 in the afternoon and pitch black outside. I’m not a fan.


13 thoughts on “Twenty More Things You Need to Know About Me

      1. I looked up my own timezone, and realized that we might be on the same planet. My sun sets at 6:29.

        I also now feel a little oblivious, because I totally hadn’t noticed when it stopped being light out at 9 p.m.

  1. Meep, I disagree about the Steven Moffat thing. :/ I mean, he’s OK and the Davies-era stuff definitely wasn’t perfect, but his plots are awfully confusing. (I think I’d like them more if he were better at introducing things – why did Mel-as-Ponds’-childhood-friend come out of thin air? These things need to connect more smoothly than they do.) Really, I’ve never watched Doctor Who for the plot – it has major continuity issues – but for the characters, and I’m just not connecting with Moffat’s characters.
    Maybe I should watch Sherlock, though.

    I should see The Dark Knight Rises because I loved A Tale of Two Cities. I’ve only seen the first one. (Wait, is The Dark Knight the first or second? *is an idiot when it comes to superheroes*)

    A Game of Thrones is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally long, but yep. It’s very readable. Martin doesn’t spend pages describing, like, every bathroom break his characters take.

    Sorry for the long comment. Woah, holy overkill, batman!

    1. Moffat has his flaws, but I love his work despite them. I agree with you on the whole Melody popping out of nowhere thing, but I generally prefer his story arcs over Davies, and I love it when the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River are all together. The only Moffat-written companion I don’t like is Clara. Have you gotten to her yet?

      You should definitely watch Sherlock. I’d actually prefer it to Doctor Who, the only problem is that each series is only three episodes long, and you have to wait two years between each a series. It’s worth it, though.

      The Batman movies make up a trilogy, the order of which goes: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises. I love all of them with the burning passion of a thousand suns.

      1. “The Name of the Doctor” is the only episode I have left to watch so yes, I’ve gotten to Clara. She’s not awful – I mean, she’s cute, mildly funny, etc – but not very interesting either. If she’s the Moffat-era equivalent of Rose (because they’re both so normal and are meant for the audience to relate to), then it’s not working. Rose was so much better. And hotter.
        I would rather have Clara than Amy, though.
        And I did like having more companions than fewer, at least for a time. Not ALL the time, because the characters seem to have more development when it’s just one with the Doctor, but it was fun occasionally.

        I want to watch Sherlock next, since I’m almost done with Doctor Who. I’ve heard that it’s AWESOME so I’m willing to settle for fewer episodes if it’s really good. And isn’t series no nevillegirl that’s DW season three coming out soon?

        OK, thanks! I knew there was a movie before TDK but I couldn’t remember what it was called.

      2. The reason I don’t like Clara as much is because the only thing interesting about her is the mystery behind her. And her soufflés. I think Amy’s much more complex than people give her credit it for.

        Not to set your expectations too high or anything, but Sherlock is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  2. Bongiourno (if that is how to spell it). I am also not so good with the commenting (or the blogging and the talking to the people), but I have nominated you for a Liebster blog award! Yay! All the rules and suchlike are on my super-secret, actual-real-name-for-realsies blog which you are not supposed to know about. The link will self destruct in about four seconds.

    1. Thank you! I managed to click on the link with .2 seconds left to spare.

      I accept, but I hope you don’t mind if I wait till November (when I’ll be doing NaBloPoMo) to post it.

      1. .2 seconds? That was a close one :/ I hope your reactions will be quicker when I start throwing baseball bats at you. And I don’t mind at all (if n you count throwing baseball bats at you in anger not minding) 🙂

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