My Super Awesome Time Travel Novella: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: Still in 1969

Chloe, Jeremy and I found ourselves hiding in the back alley of the deli as the drama unfolded in the parking lot. I had no idea what would happen, but I did know that we definitely slowed down their plans to arrest us (or kill us, whatever), hopefully giving us enough time to think of a way to save Jake. Although Jake was an idiot, he was still technically our friend, so we had to save him. Plus, god knows how many paradoxes leaving him here would cause.

“How the hell did you think of all that?” I asked Chloe.

“Spur of the moment, I guess,” she said, she was shaking all over as if she had just drank fifty gallons of red bull. “The moment the TV exploded, I just sort of ducked into the back room where I met Jeremy. Then he brought up the idea of calling the police and I was just like, that’s not a bad idea.

“That’s genius.”

“You won’t believe how lucky we are that we landed in 1969. You know that the whole ‘Being able to call the police thing’ that we take for granted wasn’t invented until 1968?”

“How do you even know that?”

“Jeremy told me,” she said, turning around to look at him. But Jeremy had started sprinting into the woods away from the whole scene. I didn’t blame him.

“Look,” she said, pointing at the wrist-guard. It had just lit up: BATTERY CHARGED. “We could leave now.”

“Okay,” I said, “You got a plan to save Jake?” Considering how well her last plan seemed to have worked out, I expected something better than what was given.

“Not at all,” she said. “You?”

“I got nothing.”

We ended up sneaking around the deli and watching the event unfold. We hadn’t heard any gunshots yet, so that was good.

Smith was standing there, trying to explain everything to the cops. He wasn’t actually telling the  truth, since the police weren’t likely to believe that they were time traveling policemen from the future. Instead he went with something the police were more likely to believe.

“We’re actors, and we’re going to a play in the Poughkeepsie theater,” is along the lines of what he told him. “It’s not what you’d call a conventional play; it’s an adaptation of the novel A Wrinkle in Time, you may have heard of it.”

“Then why did a girl call us saying that a bunch of people were trying to kill her? She described what you’re wearing pretty well,” the policeman said. Twenty feet away, peering from behind the deli wall, Chloe and I high-fived.

I looked over, searching for Jake, who was nowhere to be found. I also noticed that two of the TTPD were no longer there. Before there were five of them; now there were only three. It didn’t take a genius to figure what happened.

“They took him back to the future,” I whispered.

“But where in the future?” she asked. “We don’t even know where they’re from!”

“Probably from Canada,” I whispered. “Those Canadians are always up to no good.”

“I’m talking about the time period,” she said, in which I responded, “Oh okay. In that case I have no idea. Maybe 2020? That’s where Arnold Schwarzenator  robot claimed to have came from.”

“I guess.” After we said this, we remained quiet for a moment. While we were talking, Smith apparently attempted to pass it off as a prank call. Of course, there were more than a few holes in his story.

“How come there’s a bullet hole in the TV and the glass in front of it has shattered?” asked the first cop. Smith had no response.

“Yeah, and how come there were five of you in the parking lot, and what looked like a homeless kid in handcuffs on the ground when we first pulled in, but now there’s only three of you?” said the other cop.

“And how come there’s a dead body lying on the countertop?”

Smith quickly spun around, and Chloe and I hid back behind the wall just in time. When I looked back, I saw him staring at the inside of the Deli, groaning in annoyance. Then he shrugged, pulled out his gun, and without any hesitation, spun around and shot down all three cops. Perfect aim. All of them were dead before they hit the ground.

Chloe, who had been holding my hand behind me, was suddenly squeezing my hand hard enough to turn coal to diamonds, but I barely noticed. I had been frozen in place, unable to look away from the scene taking place.

Smith kicked one of the dead bodies. Then he looked at Lindsey, who now seemed pretty shaken up. “How many paradoxes did we just cause?” She looked up on the wristguard similar to mine and typed in some stuff.

“Twelve hundred and seven,” she said. “None of them major.”

“I’m sure they’ll resolve themselves,” Smith said. “They always do. Remember that guy who ended up becoming his own grandfather?” None of them answered. The two of them were busy staring at the dead bodies, looking frightened. “James!” Smith shouted. The other supposed officer, apparently named James, jumped at the sound of his shrill voice.

“Yes sir?”

“Hide these bodies.” James stepped toward the closest, hesitated, then looked back at Smith again.

“Where can I put them?” He asked.

“Dump the bodies in 2057,” he said, “right before the bombs hit.”

“But the Chronivator takes a full twenty minutes to recharge, and that whole day is a wreck. Most of the people were killed before the bombs hit.”

“I’m sure you can survive for twenty minutes,” he said. “You have a gun with unlimited ammo, for Christ’s sake!”

“Yes sir.” James placed the bodies on top of each other, put his arm awkwardly around them, and pressed a couple buttons on his “Chronivator.” Then he disappeared along with the bodies.

“You think he’ll survive?” asked Lyndsey, who, unlike Smith, actually seemed concerned. Smith just smirked. “If he did, he’d be back by now.” Lyndsey said nothing; she just looked down at the ground where I couldn’t see her face.

“Now we have to find those brats,” he said.

“They could have left by now,” said Lyndsey softly. “Their chronivator would have recharged by now.”

“No, unless I seriously misjudged them, they’ll want to find out where we took their friend with the stupid clothes.”

“So where did they go?” asked Lyndsey.

“Well,” he’s said. “We saw them go out the back door. They wouldn’t want to leave, because they would want to get their friend back. But they’re not sure what to do, so they’d be watching us, waiting for something to happen…”  His eyes quickly focused on mine. It was too late to look away.

I turned around to where Chloe was standing behind me and whispered “They found us.”


“Come on,” I grabbed her arm with my hand with the “chronivator” on it, pressed in the date we left and was about to press the enter button when she pulled her arm away from me.

“What are you doing?” she whispered.

“We have to go back to a different time zone before they get to us.”

“What good would that do?” She asked. “They’ll just track us down again somehow!”

“Then what do you suppose we do?” I asked, then I remembered the gigantic fully loaded shotgun in her left hand.

She smiled for a second, but it was gone a second later when she looked over my shoulder. “Duck!” I didn’t have to ask what it was.

I dropped to the ground and Chloe pulled the trigger. She shot up in the air, probably to scare him or something, but she forgot to take into account the sheer force of the recoil. The gun went straight to her forehead, knocking her to the ground. I looked over at Smith, who had first ducked, then saw what happened, and started to smile.

My first thought was to grab the gun, but Lyndsey, behind us, had put her foot on it. She must’ve went through behind the deli.

“You’re under arrest,” said Smith, pointing his gun at me. I turned around. Lyndsey had her gun aiming at Chloe. Shame. I sort of liked Lyndsey. “If you try anything, we will shoot you.”

But we all knew that wasn’t true. If they wanted us dead, they would have killed us a long time ago. They could have gone back to when we were infants and killed us then. Or they would have killed us like they killed the policemen, or the guy in the deli—without hesitation.

With one quick gesture I pressed the enter button on my wrist guard and grabbed onto Chloe’s wrist. And just like that, we were in the year 2020.


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  1. nice, but i got sorta confused around the shotgun shooting thing, but maybe that’s just me and my fast reading. Great work!

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