This Post is About Yellow Buses (Don’t Worry, It’s Interesting!)

I’m sorry if I’ve lead you to believe that I am a genius. I can’t blame you for thinking that, seeing as it’s mostly true. I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I’m a pretty smart guy. In fact, whenever Sherlock Holmes is baffled by something, he comes to my doorstep for advice. That being said, there are still some things I do not know, and they’re usually obvious things.

I loved this episode, by the way.

Such as the fact that yellow school buses are an American icon.

My entire life I’ve ridden to school on a yellow school bus, and never thought anything of it. Of course I knew that not everyone in the world rode a yellow school bus to school, but I didn’t know that yellow school buses were apparently limited to North America. Canadians have yellow buses too (I think. When I visited Canada that one time, I never thought to look for one.), but when people think of yellow buses, they think of the U S of A, and that surprises me.

I found this out for the first time when watching a documentary on Doctor Who, a show that is becoming more and more commonly referenced on this blog. The documentary was about filming the sixth season opener (The Impossible Astronaut), and it had the cast and crew talking about how they wanted to get as many American icons as possible into the episode. When I said that, I thought to myself, “Well that explains the cowboy hat the Doctor was wearing, and the car he was sitting on, and the landscape they filmed the opening scene at,” but I never thought anything of the yellow school bus. Which was one of the most important parts, as it turns out.

Now, did any other Americans not know about this? Or am I just unusually ignorant of the rest of the world? And for my non-American viewers (they seem to growing in percentage each day, I’ve noticed), how often do you see yellow buses?

I need to know!


19 thoughts on “This Post is About Yellow Buses (Don’t Worry, It’s Interesting!)

  1. No, I haven’t quite pondered yellow buses the way this post suggests, but there are many American cultural quirks that we don’t notice (wearing sandals in public, for one).
    And while we’re on Doctor Who, you’ll see that the (British) makers of the show were unaware of some of their cultural differences with America. For example, Jack Harkness (American) used the word ‘lift’ instead of its American translation, ‘elevator’. It’s not just us Americans.

    1. That isn’t necessarily a mistake or whatever seeing as the Captain is from the future rather than American. Furthermore, it might just be for simpleness — I know I’ve watched US TV shows with ‘British’ people on them before who have said ‘cell’ instead of mobile, etc., just so as not to be confusing.

      1. UK people are famous for wearing socks with sandals on their hols –cringes–

  2. In the UK school buses are just buses that the school pay (possibly, I don’t know much about the system) for the local bus company to run, so school buses here are just buses that say ‘special school service’ on the little destination screen thing. You only ever see school kids on yellow buses on American TV, so I suppose that difference is why they’re a bit of an icon.

    1. Ah-ha, so it sounds like UK buses are much more classier than our shabby yellow buses. Do they have phone chargers on the back of their seats? I’ve only been on one bus that had those.

      1. No unfortunately not. Just because things have been privatised, it seems, it doesn’t mean they are any nicer.

      2. I see. Have you ever been on an American bus? I kind of want to go to the UK, sneak onto a school bus somewhere, make comparisons, and then fly back home.

    1. Do you mean you’ve never ridden school buses or buses in general? Either way, you’re not missing much (unless your on one of them fancy buses with comfy chairs and whatnot).

  3. A few years ago when my friend from Spain was here, she was so excited because we had to ride a school bus to get somewhere. She’d never ridden one before, only seen them in movies. 🙂

    1. It’s cool to see America through someone else’s perspective. If I had only seen yellow buses in movies, I’d probably be just as excited as she was.

    1. Yeah, I found that out when looking up “Are yellow buses only in America?” Apparently it’s because yellow is the color you’re most likely to notice, so when it’s misty outside or something, drivers will be more likely to see the bus and less likely to crash into it.

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