TCWT Blog Chain: I’ve Googled Some Strange Things

For this month’s TCWT Blog Chain, the prompt is:

“What are some of the coolest/weirdest/funniest/most disturbing things you’ve researched for a story?”

I’ve looked up some weird stuff for my story. Some of them have gotten me in a lot of trouble, specifically “How to blow up a hotel.” Don’t freak out; I had a perfectly good reason for having searched that. In the novel I’m writing, a certain bad guy blows up a hotel, and I wanted to think of a realistic way to do that. It’s a perfectly normal thing to google. My only mistake was looking it up while using a hotel’s internet connection.

That being said, if someone read my google searches out of context, they’d think I was some type of serial killer. I rarely write contemporary fiction. The stories I write usually take place in the modern world, and usually involve some type of science fiction quality. And a lot of people tend to die. Because I like killing people.

You see how bad those last two sentences would sound if they were taken out of context? God knows what someone would think if they had only read them and not the rest of the post.

So before I make a list of all the weird things I’ve researched (I’ve literally copied and pasted them all from my Internet search history from a couple months ago. Then I improved the grammar and spelling to be easy on your eyes.), I want you to remember that these are completely taken out of context, and I am not a serial killer.

  • How long does a shot to the stomach take to kill someone?
  • Cool sounding names.
  • Types of meth
  • Best ways to get rid of a body?
  • Dumps nearby New York City.
  • Abandoned Buildings in New York City.
  • The Hudson River
  • Burning a body?
  • What would you need to dissolve a body?
  • What chemicals did they use to dissolve the body in Breaking Bad?
  • River Song is a cougar.
  • Definition of plagiarism.
  • Would New Jersians find this offensive?
  • Pros and Cons of 1st person narrative.
  • Pros and cons of 3rd person narrative.
  • Is there such a thing as fourth person narrative?
  • How to delete your internet history?
  • Is it possible to be your own dad from time travel?

Admittedly, the River Song search didn’t have much to do with any of my work in progresses, but everything else did. There was some more, but those were the only ones I looked up on the computer I’m writing this on right now. Plus, these were the only interesting ones. All the other searches had to do with choosing character names and other boring stuff.

If there’s a lesson to be learned in all this, it’s that you should never let your parents find out you’ve been looking up “How to dissolve dead bodies” in your spare time. It gives them the wrong idea.

Sorry if this post seems rushed. I completely forgot about this blog chain about an hour ago and I can’t use this computer after seven PM, so I had to write it fast.



























30th – (We’ll announce the topic for next month’s chain)


12 thoughts on “TCWT Blog Chain: I’ve Googled Some Strange Things

  1. How to blow up a hotel…hehe. I’ve googled really wacky things, the hardest being icecream flavours. It was a killer. I drooled all over my laptop.
    I’ve done the “how long does it take someone to die if…” but I can never find the right answers. Or, “How do you treat a bullet wound in the 1900s”.

    1. Ice cream flavored are so tricky. There’s like, twenty billion frajillion flavors!

      I’ve looked up “How do you treat ______?” before as well, and I’ve never gotten satisfactory results.

  2. Interesting…
    Surprisingly, I’ve contemplated a possible fourth person narrative, as well. The thing is, since it doesn’t exist in the present I have a hard time comprehending what it might be. Interesting theory: if a father paradox could exist, you would have nearly the exact same genes as your mother.

    1. I think the closet thing to a 4th person narrative would be 3rd person omniscient. I have no idea how there could be other types of narratives.

      That makes sense, since if you had different genes from your mother, then your son would have different genes, but since your son is you, that’s not possible.

  3. I’m intrigued now. Could you be your own father if you were a time traveller? Actually… I’m not sure I want to even think about how that would work… Creepy.

    1. The very idea of it is making my head explode. I don’t think it’s possible, since not all of your genes would be passed onto your son, which means your son (you) would have different genes than you. But your son is you, which means… *head explodes*

      1. Argh. I think of all the questions in the Universe, this is the only one I don’t want answered.
        From a ‘time travel theory’ point of view, however, I don’t think it would be possible, let alone from a biological point of view.

  4. Oooh! Oooh! I can tell you how to delete your browser history! But I wouldn’t recommend it because then you won’t be able to do these types of posts, which are very entertaining.

  5. Great post!

    I’ve never looked for anything quite that explosive or corrosive (at least that I remember, and that might change soon, as I wouldn’t be surprised if my writing took a turn for the dark side in future stories), but I did get a kick out of reading some old coroner’s reports I found once.

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