I’m Not Sure What to Name this Post

Lately, I’ve been feeling sort of blue, which explains the picture above.

Why am I blue? Well, for starters, I poured a bunch of cereal into the bowl without realizing that there wasn’t any milk left. This is the sort of fate I would not wish on anyone. Not even my enemies.

But in all seriousness, the main reason why I’ve been feeling so blue is because recently, I’ve been attempting to do these types of blog events that take place over a long period of time. I’ve tried a blog debate, blogging Divergent, and posting a week-by-week time travel novella. And they’ve all failed miserably.

I don’t blame you guys, though, because really, my blog’s too young to be trying these big blog projects that require lots of people and motivation.

Plus I keep coming up with unrealistic expectations for each of my posts. When I first check on a recently published blog post, I expect to have a billion likes, fifty-five thousand comments, for WordPress to Freshly Press the post twice and for the New York Times to write an article about me titled “Teenager’s Inspirational Blog Post Triumphs All,” on the front page.

^The sentence above was totally not a run-on sentence.^

The point is, I’m going to stick to normal posts instead of a series of posts that I’ll eventually lose the motivation to finish after a week. I’m also going to stop ending posts in big promises to write posts more often, because that usually ends in disappointed readers. And if I keep it up, you guys might pull off something similar to the French Revolution and execute me via guillotine.

Some other things I must tell you:

  • The Doctor Who season/series finale is on today, and by the time I post this, all my pals in Europe will probably have seen this. So no one is allowed to comment on this post with spoilers until eight o’clock tonight, or I will personally hunt you down and kill you via guillotine.
  • Breaking Bad, a show I just started watching recently, is the greatest show ever, with the possible exception ofย Sherlock.ย 
  • I will be awarding the next guest post to the 500th commenter.
  • If the Doctor’s name (I really hope they don’t reveal it) ends up being something like “Jim,” I will be forced to kill Steven Moffat. Via guillotine.
  • I’m not actually going to kill anyone, but I’m still going to be upset.

22 thoughts on “I’m Not Sure What to Name this Post

    1. Thanks. The problem with the time-travel novella was that I hit a sort of road block, and I had no idea how to continue the story. And I had just neglected it for a month with NaNoWriMo, so I just couldn’t get back into the ‘feel’ of the story, so to speak. Sorry I’m probably not going to post a new chapter in a while.

      And you’re a Whovian too?! HIGH FIVE!

      1. I totally know how you feel though! I’ve never really been able to finish even a short story, it’s ridiculous! I just kind of give up, or think it’s not good enough (cue whip sound) And a’course I watch Doctor Who! I sadly haven’t seen the last few episodes. It’s hard when you don’t have BBC America.

  1. Obviously, the Doctor’s name is going to be Leopold Alexis Elijah Walker Gareth Thomas Mountbatten. It’s practically spelled out in all those episodes where they say none of these names.

  2. I’m just going to repeat what Amanda said…We won’t kill you! *surreptitiously sharpens my poisoned dagger* (Guillotines are a little too unconventional for my needs.)

    Seriously, though, don’t feel blue (Although, blue is a perfectly nice color. I’m not quite sure why society collectively decided to label it The Sad Color. That’s just weird.)! I must admit that I typically have the same expectations as you whenever I publish a new post…and my dreams are violently shattered every time. Ah, well. Blogging in and of itself is epic, however, so…so…yeah. Fame and fortune would be welcome, though.

    Anyways, yeah. This comment is already rambling way too much…*spamming*

    1. I’m still not reassured. I recently hired body guards, just in case.

      And you’re right how blue should not be considered a sad color. I think grey fits that description better.

      Blogging IS epic. No matter what the statistics, it’s a rewarding experience just for the opportunity to have in-depth conversations with people living up to thousands of miles away.

      Don’t worry about rambling. I enjoy rambling. Rambling’s cool.

  3. 98 followers?!! I don’t think your blog is a baby blog! It does take time to get a lot of people participating, though. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I started a linkup on my blog when I only had 50 minions…and it rather failed. Keep plugging away! Your blog is really fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Thanks! Minions is a terrific name for followers, by the way.

      And there’s a glitch with the amount of followers shown that I can’t seem to fix. I actually have about seventy followers, which ain’t bad ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s more of a baby blog as in its still young and finding its way.

  4. Nuuuu, keep doing the big blog projects! (If you’re still interested, of course…) Seriously though, post what YOU like. It takes a long time for a blog to really get going. I post whatever nonsense amuses me and somehow over two years I’ve gotten over two hundred followers.

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