Announcing a Free Book Giveaway!

photo credit: Social maximizer

I realized today that my blog needs something new, even though my blog’s only like, four months old. So I decided to start a contest in which the winner wins an actual prize, not just a guest post (although the guest post was pretty freaking rad). That’s right: I’m starting my own contest in which everyone can participate in. Even you.

So in this contest, each participant must send in a short story. The best of them will win all three of the prizes shown below. The requirements for each short story is:

  • No language worse than mild swear words.
  • The short story must be fictional.
  • Only one entry per participant, please.
  • Send your short story to (three ‘t’s).
  • Also, the story must feature the following terms: Richard Nixon, water, the importance of baseball, flowers, unicorns and Chris Brown’s legal troubles.
  • You have a 200 word limit. A little over is fine.

The winner will be rewarded with these three very popular YA Books:

1) 50 shades of Grey

2) 50 Shades Darker

50 Shades Freed


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