Writer’s Block is Annoying

Guess what this post will be about?

That’s right, pennies.

Okay, this article is not about pennies, despite the three very informative videos above. It’s about this thing called “writer’s block.”

A wise man once said that writer’s block doesn’t exist; you just have to lower your standards. That wise man is right, if you think about it. The problem is, I prefer not to leave my readers with an awful post that could turn off lots of would-be followers all because I lowered my standards.

Then again, my posts may be complete garbage, and people are only giving me pity likes because they feel sorry for me. If that’s the case, please keep doing it, guys. Fake likes are almost as sincere as real likes.

Anyway, I came up with a list of ways to delete writer’s block (for bloggers):

  1. Write a blog post about having writer’s block and annoy your readers.
  2. Write an award post.
  3. Post a bunch of polls (I did this! Look below.).
  4. Tell yourself you’ll do it later.

Now, as those who have read my blog from the very beginning know, I had asked you guys if you’d like to read a bunch of posts about me blogging Divergent, by Veronica Roth. I had thought that the majority of readers didn’t want me to, but after looking back at the poll a few days ago, I found that six people have voted for it and only 2 people against it. Since my viewership has grown a bit since then, I’m sure that the results will change if I put up a similar poll. So vote in the following two polls, please.

All the options are YA series, with the exception of Les Misérables, which was chosen because a lot of my followers (whom I follow back) have read it and loved it.

Anyway, thanks for voting, and I hope you have a good day. Unless your name is Denise. In that case, I hope you have a very, very, bad day.


26 thoughts on “Writer’s Block is Annoying

  1. The penny videos. Were. EPIC. Oh my goodness, I was laughing so hard at the first guy…

    Anyway. All the talk about Les Mis has made me curious…so, ah, there’s you other vote for it. 😛

      1. Hmm. Yeah, that might be why.

        I fixed it now. 🙂

        And, so THAT’S who John Green is! I’ve read a lot of quotes from him, and I was wondering WHO this guy was. Now I know. xD

      2. Ooooooh. Nope. 😛 I think my brain automatically translated that to TWO ts. Sorry, I’ll send it to the right place now. 😛

  2. Do you mean reviewing a book/series or blogging it, because I think blogging a book is basically like reviewing it but it’s also a bunch of posts of your reactions to the chapters.

  3. Always write if its what you love doing, and don’t worry about being judged. Pobody’s nerfect. I used to go to karaoke with a friend who was really good at singing, yet he never ended up singing. He was too busy searching for a ‘perfect song’, and missed the boat. I on the other hand had loads of fun singing really bad renditions of ‘Lola’ and ‘I want to break free’.

  4. Not sure if this post is old or new or… the OTHER ALTERNATIVE (if ya know what I mean!). But anyway, I LOVE the Divergent series……. sooooooo YES! I would love it to be reviewed! The new one is coming out in Oct/Nov-ish! *EPIC CARTOON EXCITED FACE*

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