I Attend a Blog Party, and some Announcements

A picture of us bloggers partying it up. I’m the guy punching the giraffe. I hate giraffes. Photo Credit: androidpit.info

You know what’s fun? Parties. Okay, in my experience, most parties are less than entertaining. I usually spend my time at them awkwardly drinking soda in the corner while everyone else is dancing to loud, irritating music.

But blog parties are completely different from regular parties. For one thing, the type of music being played is entirely your choice. You can have loud music, quiet music, or no music at all, and you won’t have to deal with any annoying people telling you to “Put on Gangnam Style!” because those people most likely don’t have blogs, and if they do have blogs, they can be playing whatever type of music they want and you don’t have to listen to it. That’s the best part of a blog party; everyone is free to dance (if they even want to dance) to any type of music. Plus, no one’s self conscious because no one’s actually there to judge.

I highly recommend you join this blog party.

Need another reason to join this blog party? Well for starters, the host is Paulina Czarnecki, who’s  blog is so cool that I sometimes use it as an ice-pack.

So yeah, you should probably go over and take a look at this page, which has the links of all the other blog participants in the comments below. And maybe you could add your link too.

And here’s the song I’m dancing too.

Don’t judge me. I love this dance craze, even though it’s already getting old. Ha! Get it?

Other Announcements:

  • I’ve recently written my first chapter of a time travel novella, and I’d be honored if you took the time to read it. I’ve noticed that the post has gotten a decent amount of views but barely any comments, so I don’t know whether people liked the post or not or if they didn’t even bother to read it in the first place. So if anyone does read it, please tell me what you think about it, even if you hate it. Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings.
  • This blog’s only ten comments away from someone winning the 200th Comment Blog Award I told y’all about here.
  • Finding Nemo is the greatest movie ever.

14 thoughts on “I Attend a Blog Party, and some Announcements


    *cough* sorry. I love Finding Nemo. Especially Dory.

    And your explanation of why blog parties are better than regular parties is dead on. 😉

    1. Finding Nemo wouldn’t be Finding Nemo with Dory. I love that fish! She taught me everything I needed to know about life. She taught me to “Just keep swimming,” and I’ve been metaphorically swimming ever since.

      Sorry, what were we talking about?

      1. You can blog about anything you want as long as the post’s under 800 words (A little longer is acceptable), and you keep it below a pg-13 rating.

      2. Great. I was hoping it was more specific. 😛

        Okay, I’ll work on that…if it’s been more than a week you may want to remind me. Poor Seana ended up waiting a month simply because I forgot.

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