In Which I Shamelessly Advertise my Twitter Account

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This post is mostly just a bunch of announcements. Though that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read this.

Announcement #1: I now have a twitter account, as you probably know already from the title. Most people would be subtle in trying to get you to follow them, but not me. I only have 0 followers, by the way.

Announcement #2: Today I found out I got a 35 out of 100 on my math midterm–this brought my average down to a 73, and since I’m in honors, I need an 85 to pass. I figured this blog might be the reason for my low math grades, but then I realized that it probably has to do with the amount of time I spend looking at memes I find on Facebook. Long story short: You can expect to see the same amount of posts here as usual.

Announcement #3: I’ve decided to steal Liam’s idea of letting people write a guest post if they write the _____ comment. So I’ve decided that the person who writes the 200th 500th 1,000th 1,500th comment on this blog will get to write a guest post for this blog. The rules for the post are:

  1. Cursing is allowed, as long as they’re not completely unnecessary.
  2. The post must be under 800 words. If it goes a little over, I’m okay with it.
  3. You are allowed to comment on the posts as if it was your blog.
  4. You can decline the guest post, but you might want to check your coffee for poison for now on.
  5. Have fun.

I currently have 78 comments, by the way.

Announcement #4: I’m about to watch the Season 2 finale for Doctor Who. I’m really sad because I know Rose will leave the show somehow and I like Rose, even though she was better in the first season.

Announcement #5: Did I mention I have a twitter? You should check it out.


16 thoughts on “In Which I Shamelessly Advertise my Twitter Account


    Not subtle, huh? Well, you seem to like contradicting yourself. Over there on Liam’s blog you were “subtle.” MAKE UP YOUR MIND, please.

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